March 08, 2015

Vive le Canada!

Canadian pop in the media is an odd thing.

Radio stations are required to play 40% Canadian content.  This means on an 80's weekend you will hear songs like Martha and the Muffins Eco Beach.  Which, I might have heard, not enough to recall though.

Same with Television.  We have a blur between what is Canadian and American until you delve into the show.   Republic of Doyle or The Beachcombers are classically Canadian.

More and more Hollywood productions are using Canada for location shots.

Our mark is still oblique to the typical American audience.

On the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion.  I ponder the possibility of a Canadian Invasion.

We did get Tegan and Sarah on the Oscars, after all!

There is no lacking of talent.

Hey, look north for your next album purchase. or Series to Netflick!

February 09, 2015

Okay, so global warming is man made.

So there is this guy, Paul Homewood, who looks at the reports against the raw temperature data.

There is an interesting trend.  They adjust the data to support the global warming models.

Consider that the highly proclaimed climate models all miss the mark with temperature trends.

Add to that the ever-growing list of climate doom that never comes to pass.

You can start to see why someone would be skeptical.  Unless, of course, the person in question is more in line with the political than scientific.

Or if your job and funding requires the Data to further your agenda.

There is an interesting dichotomy around science.  Which goes hand in hand with personal political strata. 

GMO is bad stuff - Ignore the science, it is tainted!

Fracking is bad stuff - Ignore the science, it is tainted!

Aspartame is bad stuff - Ignore the science, it is tainted!

Vaccinations are safe - look at the science!

Global warming is man made - look at the science!

Science as presented by scientists vs. science as presented by Media and Social media.  The media's interpretation is subject to massive, out of context fraud.  Just look at the diet industry.

As far as the above goes:

GMO crops are perfectly safe.  I object to the patent holding and the courts enforcement of said patents. 

Fracking, as practiced, is safe.  I expect the government to assure that the procedures being used are continually updated, based upon best practice methodology.

Aspartame has been tested and found safe more then any other chemical on the planet.  It is safe.

Vaccines have inherent dangers that are accurately reported.  There are some issues around the preservatives, which have since been eliminated.  Still, there are quite a lot of issues that are slow to be documented.  Like the effectiveness of flu vaccination

Global warming is occurring at a much slower rate than reported.  What is man's contribution?  That is highly debated and far from proven.  Will any of the strategies halt the planet from warming?  Again, there is no evidence that they are anything more than social engineering.

Science needs to be open and transparent with data sets published, reviewed and duplicated.  Keeping the political out is paramount.

January 25, 2015

ode to a wannabe Ultra runner

I would really like to be able to say I ran 100k in a race.  I still could, not when I find 10k a challenge though.  I find the ultra runners to be very impressive folks.

January 16, 2015

The Long slow road

The radio guy had a topic around fearing death.

The labeled fears centered around suffering and how it was worse then death itself.  It was an interesting advocation of suicide.

Is suffering such a horrific thing that we should take it upon ourselves to stop?  

While pondering I thought back to stories of people surviving the wilderness and the remarkable celebration of their return.

Medically someone who survives accidents or war or cancer.  The stories are inspirational and life affirming.  Yet, the folks suffered.

So is suffering to be avoided at all costs or a nobleing experience?

December 16, 2014


I never considered that holidays are ingrained into my subconscious.  It felt very odd to see the date as July 4th, or working through Thanksgiving because it was already over in October.

So next up we have Boxing day on the 26th.

Oh and the Ukrainian population has June 19th as Christmas.


November 06, 2014

Why the Democrats lost.

There are going to be speculations galore about how the Powerful, Wonderful Obama Democrats lost.  It was not because the Republicans had a better ideological message or spent more or any of the other items.  

It is simply a consequence of having a charismatic figurehead with no competence for the job, yet the arrogance to be blinded to that fact.

Look what the American people currently have from six years of governance.

1. Sluggish economic growth. Yes, we've had a couple of strong quarters, but annualized growth throughout the Obama presidency has been less than 2 percent. That is horrendous.

2. Medium income is down $3,000 per household since Obama took office. Astonishing.

3. The labor participation rate is down from 67 percent to 62 percent, which makes the published unemployment rate look much better than it really is. The U6 rate, which includes those who have given up looking for work, remains over 10 percent.

4. More part-time jobs have been created than full-time jobs in last six years.

5. The home ownership rate is down from 67 percent to 64 percent.

6. Taxes went up when the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire. Liberals will say that’s fine because they only went up on the rich. I say the government did what it too often does and chose to target producers and opportunity creators.

7. ObamaCare is a failure! More people are losing their insurance than are becoming newly insured, and 51 percent of those enrolled in the exchanges say they will not re-up given the opportunity the next time around. Then there are the 29ers (people being limited to 29 hours a week because of ObamaCare mandates) and the 49ers (not the San Francisco ones . . . the businesses intentionally staying under 50 employees to avoid the coverage mandate). There are also thousands of doctors refusing patients with ObamaCare coverage because they can’t cover their costs on the reimbursements, while thousands more doctors are retiring early.

8. The national debt has exceeded $17 trillion for the first time in U.S. history. Remember when Obama declared as a senator that running up debt was unpatriotic? Um. Yeah.

9. From the Middle East to Eastern Europe to Russia to Britain to the Falkland Islands to Latin America to Mexico to the Far East, our foreign policy is a muddled mess. Shockingly to Obama the rest of the world did  not conform to his global ideals just because he gave speeches saying they should.

September 16, 2014

Can we just drop the whole man made global warming nonsense now?

I went out searching an old, old posting of a discussion I had about Global Warming.

As the blog-site and posting is no longer available, even via the various caching sites, I can only paraphrase.

A deal was made that I would admit fully to how wrong I was about the earth temperature being directly and drastically affected by mankind.  When the arctic was nearly ice free during the year 2014.

My counterpart, who should appear in the comments, if he is a man of his word, would denounce Man made global warming and admit the weather system of the earth is much more complex.

While there are still a few months left and in that time the arctic may, somehow, melt.  The probability is slim and none.  Seeing as records are being set for the amount of ice.

So this posting will stand for a bit to see who decides to eat crow.