March 08, 2015

Vive le Canada!

Canadian pop in the media is an odd thing.

Radio stations are required to play 40% Canadian content.  This means on an 80's weekend you will hear songs like Martha and the Muffins Eco Beach.  Which, I might have heard, not enough to recall though.

Same with Television.  We have a blur between what is Canadian and American until you delve into the show.   Republic of Doyle or The Beachcombers are classically Canadian.

More and more Hollywood productions are using Canada for location shots.

Our mark is still oblique to the typical American audience.

On the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion.  I ponder the possibility of a Canadian Invasion.

We did get Tegan and Sarah on the Oscars, after all!

There is no lacking of talent.

Hey, look north for your next album purchase. or Series to Netflick!