September 24, 2007

The more behinder I get.

Wow, life is moving a bit too fast as of late. As luck would have it, things seemed to slow down a bit Sunday night.

To recap: Lost my job, got new job, lost vacation, family went on vacation sans me. worked some 90 hour weeks, built a deck, built a shed on the deck, worked some more hellacious hours. School started, Tina went back to work, the kids retired from being Acolytes, we scrambled to get the collage paperwork in, Tina went down south to visit family (I had to work). Trevor went off to collage (didnt call for 4 days, then we tracked him down). I got the hooks and shelf up in the bathroom. We cleaned up the room the boys inhabit, I wired Diana and Connors room for internet. We had company over. I reloaded the OS on my old Dell Dimension 8200 for Connors use. The dishwasher seems to be leaking.

Now I just need to haul Trevors stuff downstairs. Then

September 18, 2007

paved with good intentions.

My nephew is a hunter. He went to a collage that had quite a few hunters enrolled. They had a gun locker set up. that required two people to open for access to the guns and ammo. Everyone knew where the weapons where, and everyone seemed happy with the prospect.

In comes a new person in charge of the school. She is shocked to find out there is a gun locker on campus so she bans it and all fire arms.

Now there was just as many weapons on campus but now no one knew where they were and practically anyone had access to them.

(story provided by my sibling)

September 17, 2007

Why would anyone?

Time and time again we see waste in government. Budget requirements that make you spend or get your funding cut. Systems where the actual service rendered is dwarfed by the bureaucracy. Common sense tossed aside for group by in.

Insurance companies themselves are pretty ponderous and lacking in efficency. So why would anyone want government to run healthcare?

Right now most healtcare is this:
I'm going to pay you money every week at some point I have to go to the doctor and you will pay for it out of the money I have given you. You keep the rest of the money for this service. You will have to fight with the doctors so they do not do stuff or bill stuff that isnt needed. Oh, and you cannot say anything to me about my own personal habits or health.

With Government it would be something like this:
We are going to take your money and determine who gets paid for healthcare.

September 15, 2007

Finally More Nuclear plants

31 possible plants being built

I see this as a great wonderful awesome thing. I just hope a couple of these are put in Oregon.

September 11, 2007

Code Monkey (Ronns kids fav.)

Ronn recently showcased this song done in an 'unplugged' setting. In the comments Toymaker says this version is the one Ronns boy likes bestest. So I thought to put it on mine.

September 09, 2007

Internet help Desk

Oldie but a goodie. Working at Dell phone in tech support I can really appreciate this guys bit.

September 08, 2007

L33+ talking.

Way back in my early days of the internet I happened upon Internet Relay Chat (IRC). So I was introduced into a world of Slang. LOL, AFK, BRB, L8R and so on.

As the newness wore off of just chatting and online games with other people took my interest, quite a few of the slang terms moved over and a bunch of new ones have entered my lexicon.

FTW = For the Win!

AoE = Area of Effect (some kind of offense that works on a location instead of an individual Think of a gernade .vs. bullet)

Gank = Taking out (sending to the graveyard), another player who has no chance against you. (Think of Mike Tyson .vs. one of Jerry's Kids.... TYSON FTW)

WTS = Want to sell

WTB = Want to buy

LFG = Looking for group

pewpew = Dealing large amount of damage (think of old laser fire sound effect)

PUG = Pick up group

Agro = Getting the attention of a creature by it attacking you.

lots of others, and as time passes I dont even notice its slang. It's just WTF? another TLA needing defined, LOL n00b.