September 08, 2007

L33+ talking.

Way back in my early days of the internet I happened upon Internet Relay Chat (IRC). So I was introduced into a world of Slang. LOL, AFK, BRB, L8R and so on.

As the newness wore off of just chatting and online games with other people took my interest, quite a few of the slang terms moved over and a bunch of new ones have entered my lexicon.

FTW = For the Win!

AoE = Area of Effect (some kind of offense that works on a location instead of an individual Think of a gernade .vs. bullet)

Gank = Taking out (sending to the graveyard), another player who has no chance against you. (Think of Mike Tyson .vs. one of Jerry's Kids.... TYSON FTW)

WTS = Want to sell

WTB = Want to buy

LFG = Looking for group

pewpew = Dealing large amount of damage (think of old laser fire sound effect)

PUG = Pick up group

Agro = Getting the attention of a creature by it attacking you.

lots of others, and as time passes I dont even notice its slang. It's just WTF? another TLA needing defined, LOL n00b.

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