September 17, 2007

Why would anyone?

Time and time again we see waste in government. Budget requirements that make you spend or get your funding cut. Systems where the actual service rendered is dwarfed by the bureaucracy. Common sense tossed aside for group by in.

Insurance companies themselves are pretty ponderous and lacking in efficency. So why would anyone want government to run healthcare?

Right now most healtcare is this:
I'm going to pay you money every week at some point I have to go to the doctor and you will pay for it out of the money I have given you. You keep the rest of the money for this service. You will have to fight with the doctors so they do not do stuff or bill stuff that isnt needed. Oh, and you cannot say anything to me about my own personal habits or health.

With Government it would be something like this:
We are going to take your money and determine who gets paid for healthcare.

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Tina said...

A while back we read about someone who suggested everyone get only catastrophic health insurance.

Then create a bank account that you'd put in a pre-determined sum every month (much like having it removed from your paycheck for insurance), and then every time you had a medical need, you'd #1: Tell the doctor's office you're paying cash so could they please discount you a bit (they might be willing to, given they won't have work with an insurance company), and #2: You pay the bill from that medical account.

Of course for big disasterous things, you have the catastrophic insurance.

When I first heard about this, my first thought was that most people aren't organized enough to remember not to spend that $300/month and put it in a bank account instead.

Are we to the point now where you can have your direct deposit paycheck go into two different accounts? If that's the case - you've got a great way to save up your medical fund pretty quickly.

And the best part is, YOU decide everything about your medical needs.

My company is changing insurances. Luckily, most of our current doctors are already on the new one. That's not the case with a lot of people I know, however. Our dentist is not on this plan, and they are not going to get on it. There is one dentist in town who is on this plan. We may have to travel around a bit - however, my new insurance covers dental at 90%, no matter what they do. Next year, it will be 100%. Even crowns, of which I need two.