September 15, 2007

Finally More Nuclear plants

31 possible plants being built

I see this as a great wonderful awesome thing. I just hope a couple of these are put in Oregon.


timmer said...

i sure would like to be pro-nuclear. if only the data to support that position weren't classified. but then, it needs to be so *they* don't figure out how to build nukes.

last i checked, waste disposal is just as big of a mess as it used to be. the article mentions recycling the spent fuel to be used as new fuel. great! but 99.44% of the waste is low level contaminated crap which currently we store in unguarded landfills.

it seems kinda weird to be so concerned about *them* wiping us off the face of the earth on one hand. and on the other hand giving *them* the very tools that *they* would need to actually do it.

Lee said...

Is there something about US nuclear waste that is so much better for building weapons then Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada or France?

Sudden paranoia isnt any kind of agument.

timmer said...

heh. good point. i was thinking more along the lines of...
we the people of earth might not want to build these things.