June 27, 2007


Boans = RBG, Gorlach = Shoo, Tuuk = Me, Keight = Tina, (Treon = Drew not pictured)

For the last year we have been meeting on the casual Sunday and Tuesday night to play World of Warcraft, WoW. This has been a really nice way to stay in touch with long time friends and have a good time. Using VoIP software (teamspeak) we get the laughs and off cuff comments that makes for a socially good time. So here is a pict of our Avatars.

June 25, 2007

Bike riding

I ride to work and back again. There is a couple of hills towards work and two on the way home. So its uphill both ways (and downhill too).

June 22, 2007

The News

I'm reading news articles and I'm finding less and less journalist and more and more activists. Are politicians and journalists now students of Adolf Hitler's 'Big Lie'?

The Big Lie, defined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf as a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

June 21, 2007

Good Ole Sam C.

“Suppose you were an idiot; and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”
--Mark Twain

June 18, 2007

Fathers Day 2007

My Pop is one of those guys that you cant help admiring. Moreso if you are his son. Moreover, once you become a Dad. He is one of the 'The Greatest Generation'. He has faith in God and is a man of his word, honest and hard working. He has a curious nature and is always learning and educating himself. He is a devoted loving husband and family man.

Growing up he was always there, sit down dinners. Taking us to movies. He was my companion through Y-indian guides and a goodly chunck of boy scouting. As typical of a father and son there was stuff I did that he didnt 'get'. He would always listen though, and offer up his own advice in a take it or leave it fashion.

In our youth we are so egocentric, I think that is what leads to us 'kids' being so antagonistic where advice comes in. We do not see the message as much as see the messanger as attacking us. I sure am glad that some of his sage wisdom stuck even if, as a kid, I gave him more lip service then thanks.

So, I look up to this man and try to be like him, fail, and try again. Because thats what he would do.

Happy Fathers Day Pop.

June 14, 2007


It's fairly rare for me to not pick up on something quickly.

My wife has a group of Senior Girl Scouts that have been regulars at our household for quite some time. One of the girls was a late addition into the Girl Scout program and was one of those personalities that likes to throw shocking comments out there to get a reaction or to watch said reaction.

However, when she pulled her various attempts she found Tina to take said comments in stride. So much so that Tina was able to redirect the statement or correction in such a ways to cause this particular girl scout pause. I think, this in no small way, allowed this girl to not only continue on with the program but have an accepting outlet for her various life issues that had not existed previously. Sage advice if you will.

Now the thing I had not quickly picked up on was how my Darling better half had become so unflappable. My siblings where quite quick to point out the source...

June 13, 2007

Summer movies 2007

I recall in my Teens having a movie to look forward to see nearly every week, during the summer.

The last few summers it has been pretty difficult finding anything worthy of heading out to the theaters for. It is as if Hollywood is afraid of somthing.

All the films I am interested in seeing this time around are sequals.

Spiderman, Harry Potter, Shrek.

The Summer fare I am really looking towards is Doctor Who. And thats on Sci-Fi channel. Oh and with Heroes on summer leave I can start Tivoing '24' again.

I'm dissapointed that Grind House didnt do better. Something like that can make the executives take more chances.

June 11, 2007

What to know about Graduation in my town.

Found this all out the hard way. By experiencing a graduation first hand. To start off with 500 kids means two very full stands in a stadium and lots of people getting there early to snatch up the prime spots. So if your kid is supposed to be there at 1:30, you needed to have a squatter there at noon to noon:30.

Bring something to sit on. The metal aluminum bench dissapates heat from your bum quickly.

Figure out how you are going to get your kid afterwards BEFORE you let him head into the crowd.

June 07, 2007

WIres and sleeping with a vaccum cleaner in your nose.

Okay, so I have been getting the nods around 2:00pm some some days. My doctor wasn't sure if it was my type II or Apnea. So I got to go to this lab with hotel rooms. They had Dish network and I brought a small handful of comics just in case.

So I show up and they get me to my room and I change into my P.J.'s I get to watch some sports center (Ducks win the cup) and fill out some forms. Its a nice twin bed, actually pretty comfortable mattress. The room is clean and decent hotel looking but no windows and there is a fairly obvious camera with an IR light next to it. (You REALLY need to change clothes in the bathroom).

So then you head to a barber chair and they start the process of sanding down bits of skin and applying conductive glue and little tiny wires to various parts of your head shoulders and back. This consists of about one million sixteen wires. These are all linked into a large block that plugs into a receptacle by the bed. Next I head back to the room and sit carefully waiting and watching myth busters.

Next the tech comes in and I get as comfy as possible with all this Medusa crap and get a sensor put into my nose (tickles) and another into my mouth. Okay, now its time to sleep till about 2:00am.

Time passes and around 1:00am I wake up and cannot seem to roll over anymore as either the wires are stuck or there are Lilliputians tying me down Ala Gulliver. I am also parched and have no way of leaving the bed without tearing small bits of myself free from the various electrodes. As luck would have it the SECOND time I asked for assistance a nice lady brought me a glass of water.

I must have drifted off because next thing I know they are going to put me on a CPAP machine for the rest of the night. I get to loose the nose and mouth sensor but now have this clear plastic little critter mating with my nose for the rest of the night.

This CPAP is a reverse vaccum cleaner that keeps positive airflow going up your nose. On the bright side it has a water thingy to add a fine mist and keeps me from gettind dried out. Also I can close off my passage and have it make funny noises through my open mouth. Imagine the worlds longest Rasburry...

So it takes me a good 30min to fall asleep but it seems to go quick cuz my alarm goes off at 5:30am. And it feels like I just went to sleep. Now I have to lay restrained until the tech comes in to remove the various connections from me so I can stand up.

I still have crap in my hair and a good long shower still didnt remove some adhesive.

So now the unofficial results. I had some apnea episodes when I was sleeping on my back. Enough to qualify to try the CEPAP for the rest of the night. This means they have enough results for full evaluation with and without. Which means I do not have to go back.

So now I get to find out the results.