March 31, 2008

Connor part II

Connor got some Batman PJ's. They have both long pants and shorts for diferent seasons.

Connor, however wears both pants the shorts on the outside. I thought this was pretty strange, until I realized, thats how the Batman wears his clothes...

I guess Connor got it right.

Connor time

I am the food shopper at our house. That is to say the bulk of the edible items are purchased by me and Connor during a weekly run. I really enjoy the time with him and he likes going to Sherms
Sunday as we pulled into our parking spot Connor said "Look at the flag, Dad" being more concerned about the various four wheel projectiles being maneuvered all around me. I made a quick response. As we got out of the car again he said "Look, there is the flag". A sweep around with the old enhanced ocular membranes didn't produce anything my brain thought was flag like.
Glancing down I spotted where he was looking, Of course it was the Stars and Stripes nearly directly above us.
"Yes Connor, that is the Flag of the United States of America" I pointed out, always trying to expand his vocabulary with some object to attach the words too.
Connor looked at me and asked "Like pledge of allegiance?"
He got it.

March 29, 2008

Closed minds dont bother reading.

This is a good read for anyone who still believes in the cult of man made global warming.

More info here as well. As stated on the <--link

INCOMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF A COMPLEX PROBLEM: All climate modelers must build their models based upon our current understanding of how the climate system works. Therefore, if there is some important - but as yet poorly understood - process that they are missing, they will all tend to make the same error. Past evidence for this is the tendency for climate models to drift away from a realistic climate over time. This suggests that it takes a higher level of understanding to capture the intricate processes that stabilize the climate system.

and more.

March 28, 2008

Practical Application!

I just had this idea. Lets say your an environmentalist who believes in man made global warming and you want to show everyone how dangerous CO2 levels can be.

Find a place thats public but a bit private, get a large clear trash bag you can sit in, then seal it from the inside. You will expel CO2 gases into the bag and show everyone how much warmer it gets inside there and eventually how dangerous CO2 can be.

I would urge anyone out there to try this themselves. First get an environmentalist and put them in a bag....

hey... its for science....

March 22, 2008


There are 6.6 Billion people on the planet. Not everyone has a light bulb but there are enough people out there who do that the average bulb per person is probably around five.

The most popular bulb is 60 watt, which outputs around 70 candle power.

This means the world is now 462,000,000,000,000 candles brighter then it was just a few hundred years ago. Now the human eye was not meant to handle this kind of light. Which probably explains why the eye care industry has prospered so much.

Lets go back a scant 1000 years. No one was wearing glasses! Now there are factories pumping out hundreds of thousands of lenses each day. This Global Brightening crises is being ignored by the main stream media!


I am going to have to sell black ribbons to stop this horrible destruction of our ocular environment!!

March 20, 2008

When Elections become fun.

I was very dis-heartened to find McCain being the republican choice for President. I prefer someone conservative with a record that backs him as such. The press selected him and with a lackluster set of candidates he was skimmed off the top.

Early on the Democrat race was considered in the bag by Hillary Clinton. There was even talk about her gaining the party after super Tuesday. Obama did something of an upset, it was looking like he might get the nomination. Until Republican voters started re-registering democrat to keep Hillary's in the race.

So now you have something that the DNC NEVER wanted to have happen. Political civil war between two candidates while the Republican candidate can just take a trip to other countries while watching his eventual opponent get ripped apart by their own party.

It's very delicious after such a bad taste from the GOP candidate. Because no one can trash a Democrat as well as a Democrat..

Further reading

March 16, 2008

Good Video series. You Suck at Photoshop

I ran across these videos a while back. Its a Photoshop tutorial done by a bitter man, comedy ensues. There are eight so far. This is the first one.

March 15, 2008


The job search is ongoing. I scour the papers and the local businesses websites weekly. For the first time ever I preformed great in an interview and didn't land the job.

Another one I applied for sent a notice that they were short on funding and would not be opening that position after all.

Not the best of times. There is a job fair this week. I am going to see what they offer.

Keep me in your prayers please, I could use any divine help out there.

March 07, 2008

Son day Roadtrip (Thursday)

I took a trip to Trevor (older sons) collage. He ran out of food and money. As Connor has a four day weekend he came along.


The driving is just under 200 miles and we stopped for lavoritories and caffine at White city. Then 'Lake of the Woods' which cuts through the cascades to Klamath.

As a travelling companion Connor is great. He loves looking out the windows and pointing out things of interest. Klamath Falls has quite a bit of snow. OIT likewise had some drifts upwards to three feet. We arrived unscathed and Trevor was still in class so we poked around a bit and then waited in one of the lobby like nooks in the residence hall.

Trevor arrived looking a bit haggard. He had gotten up early to clean up his room. It was not quite a full disaster. We started the process of going through some of the stacks of papers and cleaning it the rest of the way.

We took a break and got his food card back on track. Then went to financial aid to ask about Pel grants and scholorships. Turns out the deadline for some had already gone. So we have to cross fingers for FAFSA. They suggested we talk to his guidence counciler who was perplexed as she doesnt know much about financial. However, she pointed us to another guidence councilor who informed us that Junior and seniors have more enginnering grants available too them.

Next to Trevors study peoples, finally the school health center to answer some perscription questions. Wal-mart I plunked down some cache for food and some bins for organizational stuff.

Lunch at an italian place then back to cleaning and organizing. When I left he had a place for everything and a couple of workspaces. Now he should be able to organize his school stuff and hopefully pull off all A's and B's. While this was going on Connor was quite content to play around on Trevors upper bed and make cleaning suggestions.

Around 5:30 I hit the road home. Long freaking drive.

March 05, 2008

RIP Gary Gygax

Dungeons and Dragons creator dies

In my 'Teens' on up a new genre of game offered me and my friends lots of fun. It's originator was Gary Gygax. He passed away on March 4th. Thanks for the fun.

Doc Fahrenheit
Torrie Pineson
and oh so many others have a firm spot in my nostalgic memory.

March 04, 2008

Imigration: Where below came from.

My previous posting is Mexican immigration law.

Every one of the laws below are actual laws of Mexico, today. That's how the Mexican government handles immigrants to their country.

Yet people from Mexico come here illegally, they protest in our streets, they get on our welfare program, and we have members of the United States Senate, both parties, doing everything possible to allow it to continue so that it doesn't make these people mad.

Interesting eh?

March 02, 2008

Imigration: What do you think of this?

First, if you immigrate to the United States of America, you must speak the native language.

You have to be a professional or an investor.

There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, no government business will be conducted in your native language.

Foreigners will not have the right to vote, nor will they ever be allowed to hold political office. If you're in our country, you cannot be a burden to taxpayers. You are not entitled, to welfare, to food stamps, or other government programs.

You can come if you invest, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

If you do come and you want to buy land, okay, but we're going to restrict your options. You will not be allowed to buy waterfront property in the United States. That will be reserved for citizens naturally born in this country in fact, as a foreigner, you must relinquish individual rights to property.

You don't have the right to protest. You're allowed no demonstrations, you cannot wave a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our government or its policies, or you get deported. If you come here illegally, you go straight to jail.