March 07, 2008

Son day Roadtrip (Thursday)

I took a trip to Trevor (older sons) collage. He ran out of food and money. As Connor has a four day weekend he came along.


The driving is just under 200 miles and we stopped for lavoritories and caffine at White city. Then 'Lake of the Woods' which cuts through the cascades to Klamath.

As a travelling companion Connor is great. He loves looking out the windows and pointing out things of interest. Klamath Falls has quite a bit of snow. OIT likewise had some drifts upwards to three feet. We arrived unscathed and Trevor was still in class so we poked around a bit and then waited in one of the lobby like nooks in the residence hall.

Trevor arrived looking a bit haggard. He had gotten up early to clean up his room. It was not quite a full disaster. We started the process of going through some of the stacks of papers and cleaning it the rest of the way.

We took a break and got his food card back on track. Then went to financial aid to ask about Pel grants and scholorships. Turns out the deadline for some had already gone. So we have to cross fingers for FAFSA. They suggested we talk to his guidence counciler who was perplexed as she doesnt know much about financial. However, she pointed us to another guidence councilor who informed us that Junior and seniors have more enginnering grants available too them.

Next to Trevors study peoples, finally the school health center to answer some perscription questions. Wal-mart I plunked down some cache for food and some bins for organizational stuff.

Lunch at an italian place then back to cleaning and organizing. When I left he had a place for everything and a couple of workspaces. Now he should be able to organize his school stuff and hopefully pull off all A's and B's. While this was going on Connor was quite content to play around on Trevors upper bed and make cleaning suggestions.

Around 5:30 I hit the road home. Long freaking drive.


keeka said...

Wow, what a Dad!! Good for you Lee!
Sounds like you really got a lot accomplished!
Good luck to Trev for the rest of the year!

Tina said...

I'm glad everyone is home safe. I prefer to drive than worry about people I love driving. That's my own little eccentricity, I guess.

I agree. They got a lot done and hopefully Trevor learned some good lessons about managing his food points and banking? Hopefully?

Anonymous said...

he should....he probably will still make a bunch of "uh-oh's" lol i know i still do...i am just now after having money for 8 months am learning how to manage...but uh....glad ya'll got home're an amazing dad lee! you're almost like my secoind dad....without feeding me(that was your wifes job lol) or clothing (again your wives job) dang....i was pretty much a part of the i hope trev makes it nae

Anonymous said...

i feel like an idiot....i jsut got the headline....:D love nae

Crystal said...

Sounds like a full day. But I'm sure Trevor appreciates that you could make the trip!