March 20, 2008

When Elections become fun.

I was very dis-heartened to find McCain being the republican choice for President. I prefer someone conservative with a record that backs him as such. The press selected him and with a lackluster set of candidates he was skimmed off the top.

Early on the Democrat race was considered in the bag by Hillary Clinton. There was even talk about her gaining the party after super Tuesday. Obama did something of an upset, it was looking like he might get the nomination. Until Republican voters started re-registering democrat to keep Hillary's in the race.

So now you have something that the DNC NEVER wanted to have happen. Political civil war between two candidates while the Republican candidate can just take a trip to other countries while watching his eventual opponent get ripped apart by their own party.

It's very delicious after such a bad taste from the GOP candidate. Because no one can trash a Democrat as well as a Democrat..

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ronnwaters said...

You're right, the dems are very good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They need an adult to pull the candidates aside and say "play nice or everyone looses".
Besides I figured once Ralph Nader joined the race (I think he is on the RNC payroll) we could just give the title to McCain and get back to having news on the news. Again, someone at the DNC needs to pull Ralph aside and point out that HE is the guy that got W inaugurated and he needs to sit down and the shut the hell up.

- Rob said...

I recently had a customer in from Ohio that took great glee in the fact that he was able to re-register and vote for Hillary.

Regarding Ralph, maybe that was his secret plan all along? Since he was the one reason that W got elected, maybe someone made some strategic hidden-from-public-view payments? That would have been a good strategy. Not that I have a shred of proof, but I can conjecture with the best of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was schocked to see how much the dem.'s ripped each other apart....its almost a "hilary this....obama that" especially between the "who answers the phone at 3am" commercial....haha...being a dem myself is a shocker that they do this....seeing mccain as the GOP was no suprise especially since Romney left the race....i really enjoyed Romney's point of view even as a dem. but no suprise about Mccain though i would love to see a Dem win the nae p.s. how was the trip to get Trevor?