March 05, 2008

RIP Gary Gygax

Dungeons and Dragons creator dies

In my 'Teens' on up a new genre of game offered me and my friends lots of fun. It's originator was Gary Gygax. He passed away on March 4th. Thanks for the fun.

Doc Fahrenheit
Torrie Pineson
and oh so many others have a firm spot in my nostalgic memory.


Tina said...

Suella, Baltazar, Toteklo (and Klopapier) and Schnecke were my AD&D characters. That was my intro to RPG, and through that, to WoW now. And even tho Gary disapproved of the computer RPGs, I still think it's way cool that we can play with our old AD&D buddies in other states this way.

flyingvan said...

I dabbled in it a little, until I saw 'Mazes and Monsters'. The moral of the story wasn't lost on me---if a game can make you crack a mental and always live in a fantasy world and lose all touch with reality, I'm out. Tom Hanks wouldn't lie.

Lee said...

Tom Hanks is an actor, the lie for a living. When they lie, very believably, usually with words written for them, they get oscars. Tom has two.

I know that there was quite a bit of piling on against dice pencil and paper games. Yet, in the game genre I think playing cards have caused the most death, dispare and strife.

timmer said...

heh. i didn't know frazapacheria was one word and not fraz aperturia. the latter would be some sort of camera buff. obscura, i know. ;->

Anonymous said...

wow i got lost quick in those comments lol....dont know who the guy is but if lee thinks he is great he must be...never played myself you know it aint my scene lol....maybe i will try WoW onw day but for now i just got my first video game!!!i bought a nintendo DS working my way up to it there lee....give me time give me nae p.s. how was the trip to see trevor?

keeka said...

Good golly, I don't remember any of my characters name except for maybe Moorikit, which backwards was where I was working at the time! And of course, Max.
Good times, good friends!
Can't wait to see some at the reunion!

prestoffcenter said...

I still have Az around here somewhere. A resurrect may show up one of these days.

Those were good times.


flyingvan said...

Hmmm....Maybe someone should bring some dice. When RBG visits next week I'll see if he wants to set something up