March 15, 2008


The job search is ongoing. I scour the papers and the local businesses websites weekly. For the first time ever I preformed great in an interview and didn't land the job.

Another one I applied for sent a notice that they were short on funding and would not be opening that position after all.

Not the best of times. There is a job fair this week. I am going to see what they offer.

Keep me in your prayers please, I could use any divine help out there.


flyingvan said...

Will do. It IS tough out there. When our union president told us there wouldn't be a raise yet again this year, and there were groans aplenty, all I could think was I'mglad they aren't cutting jobs. Yet, at least.

flyingvan said...

Also---have you checked Craigslist? Down here it's used a lot, and there's a local version for you. No cost either. There was an economist saying it's a good move right now to go from old established corporations to smaller upstart ones, and ride the wave when things recover. Wonder what Shoo's take on that would be...

Tina said...

Yeah, that's what he was trying to do with the company that let him go... They were an upstart with a good vision and necessity (providing support for Nintendo, etc. just before the Wii came out).

We don't have much of a pool to work from here is the main trouble. It's not necessarily safe to work for the government anymore either. With all the cuts & such, it's tricky all right. That job that got pulled was a victim of that.

Still, all it takes is one good job to fit what he does, and then we're fine again.

Anonymous said...

i hate being a government the job hate the government...actually i havent had much problems with it....but i will make sure your in my prayers...i think they are just plain stupid for not hiring you....i like you...and if i owned the business...hell i would just turn it over to you! love nae