March 29, 2008

Closed minds dont bother reading.

This is a good read for anyone who still believes in the cult of man made global warming.

More info here as well. As stated on the <--link

INCOMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF A COMPLEX PROBLEM: All climate modelers must build their models based upon our current understanding of how the climate system works. Therefore, if there is some important - but as yet poorly understood - process that they are missing, they will all tend to make the same error. Past evidence for this is the tendency for climate models to drift away from a realistic climate over time. This suggests that it takes a higher level of understanding to capture the intricate processes that stabilize the climate system.

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flyingvan said...

Here's a couple questions I have.

1) What is the baseline for global temperature? How far back do youwant to go to set an average? The further back you go, the higher and warmer that baseline gets.

2) Why do graphs show the warming BEFORE the co2 rise instead of after?

3) What type of nation can best handle weather disasters--a prosperous one or a poor one?

4) Why are there so many polar bears?

timmer said...

1) pick a number between 12C and 22C.
2) the oceans are giant puddles of fizzy soda water. heat em up and the co2 comes out.
3) prosperous.
4) seals are fat.

come on. give me a hard question. ;->

ronnwaters said...

Maybe it's not man-made? Maybe it's gods' fault?

flyingvan said...

Maybe WHAT is God's fault? Do you think God owes us a 72 degree planet with no dynamic influences and changes? You think nature, whether it's number of bears per hectare or weather cycles, should be static? Maybe God gave us an extra degree celsius and bumped up co2 a few parts per billion to increase farm productivity globally and open up northern real estate in response to prayers.

keeka said...

wow. All I can say. We are alive, we are living on this earth until we are not. Done deal.