March 04, 2008

Imigration: Where below came from.

My previous posting is Mexican immigration law.

Every one of the laws below are actual laws of Mexico, today. That's how the Mexican government handles immigrants to their country.

Yet people from Mexico come here illegally, they protest in our streets, they get on our welfare program, and we have members of the United States Senate, both parties, doing everything possible to allow it to continue so that it doesn't make these people mad.

Interesting eh?


ronnwaters said...

Years ago, when i was applying for a teaching job i was asked "Are you bi-lingual?" I replied "Yes, I am fluent in french and german (this was a long time ago). I was told "Unless you speak spanish you are not bi-lingual". With this new designation I suggested that I may not be bi-lingual but I am a funcking polyglot. I didn't get that job.
My spanish is better now, the others have faded with disuse. I can yell at people in vietnamese still.

I have an aunt who was trying to immigrate from canada. She was a major big wig for HP. College educated, owned her own home here and in Toronto, a steady job and husband in the US. It took her 3 years and giant handfuls of dollars to get her paperwork sorted. There needs to be some sort of re-do so that people who can contribute are allowed in and others are discouraged.

timmer said...

heh. our immigration policy towards an individual should be whatever their home country's immigration policy is. ;->

Anonymous said...

wow thats odd...had no idea but defintely amazing that we have to do so much for other countries but not much for ours...well worth the freedom eh? wow now i talk like u lee lol....but it is ridiculous how immigration works...the ammount of money and time put into it is stupid....maybe if the government would spend more money on this than the war maybe we would be in better shape....war is war and no matter how much bush hates it terrorists live forever....well nae