March 22, 2008


There are 6.6 Billion people on the planet. Not everyone has a light bulb but there are enough people out there who do that the average bulb per person is probably around five.

The most popular bulb is 60 watt, which outputs around 70 candle power.

This means the world is now 462,000,000,000,000 candles brighter then it was just a few hundred years ago. Now the human eye was not meant to handle this kind of light. Which probably explains why the eye care industry has prospered so much.

Lets go back a scant 1000 years. No one was wearing glasses! Now there are factories pumping out hundreds of thousands of lenses each day. This Global Brightening crises is being ignored by the main stream media!


I am going to have to sell black ribbons to stop this horrible destruction of our ocular environment!!


Anonymous said...

WILL DO!!! lets get a couple people together.....wait dont you wear glasses? your entire family does besides yeah....amazing i was saying get a couple people together...some paint...and cardboard(sounds like the GS meetings lol) and go rally outside a big light bulb factory lol......sounds like a nae

Anonymous said...

Bendy Shiny!

flyingvan said...

The problem isn't too much light; it's really a darkness shortage. Lightbulbs don't MAKE light. They suck up the dark. Have you ever seen a burned out bulb that's all black? It stops working because it's full.

ronnwaters said...

Another illuminati conspiracy theory.

Tina said...

Stop feeding the lightbulbs!!

keeka said...

you're all nuts!
but it's fun nuts!