May 30, 2012


Climate change is real.  It is indisputable.  Mans role in causing changes in the climate is a weak theory at best.

I believe that the hypocritical fear mongering tactics of Al Gore are unethical and immoral at best, criminal at worse. Likewise those who suppress scientific investigation over political expedience.

That being said, I do believe we are stewards of the planet.  Personally, we do the sorting of paper, plastic and glass to hopefully reduce what goes into the local landfill.  I ride my bike to work, and I am a practicing vegetarian lifestyle. So my "carbon footprint" (the thought of which still makes me giggle) is very small.  I take advantage of proper chemical disposal (oil, paint etc.) and I am diligent about what pesticides and herbicides go on my lawn.  I am in the process of changing the bulbs in the house to lower cost LED's.

So when I am engaged in a discussion on the topic Global Warming, I can usually out holier then thou, the best of the Prius drivers.

Should we federally fund tidal, solar and wind power?  I could argue either way.  Some of the solar news from Germany is impressive.  I would love to see more nuclear plants to replace coal.  I am also gleaning more information about Thorium Salt Reactors.  I like seeing the hybrid cars and practical electric cars as well.

I would much rather have this all done by private enterprise.  So I guess my conservationism has limits.

May 28, 2012

Global skeptics unite!

Kind of nice to read thisDespite allegations that they are tantamount to "flat earthers", a study published Sunday in the Nature Climate Change journal indicates that climate change skeptics actually tend to have a slightly higher level of general scientific knowledge than those who believe in the theory.
The study drew the conclusion after asking 1,540 representative Americans a total of 22 questions.
Some of the questions included:
“Electrons are smaller than atoms — true or false?”
“How long does it take the Earth to go around the Sun? One day, one month, or one year?”
“Lasers work by focusing sound waves — true or false?”
“As respondents’ science literacy scores increased, their concern with climate change decreased,” the paper, funded by the National Science Foundation, notes.
Though, to be fair, it was a close call.  Skeptics answered an average of 57% questions correctly, while those who indicated more concern for the effects of global warming answered an average of 56% correctly.

May 27, 2012

Back patting, at the least.

As stated previously, I love my job.  The management calls me Mr. Capable.  Which is fun and embarrassing at the same time.  On days like yesterday I feel I earn a bit-o-that accolade.

It was a great morning.  I was able to re-organize the 55" television by size.  It is much more aesthetically pleasing.  Televisions are measured via the picture portion diagonally.  This does not take into consideration the height of the stand and the bezel.  So each set will vary in height.  The human eye and brain likes to find patterns.  So I had noted the various heights of the Televisions and then set up an efficient plan to move the sets accordingly.  It came out looking very nice.

The morning started with lots of computer purchases.  I got to field several questions about home networks and  various ways of getting needed documents from one place to another. Which I always find enjoyable.

At one point during the day Eric (a manager) asked if I could download some software for our two way radio's.  He gave a vague direction about going to Motorola website.  I quizzed him on how I was to do this (we do not have internet connectivity).  Eric, suggested I talk to the Verizon guys, who have 3G wifi capable phones for Demo.  Fair enough...  So I got the model number of the radio's and went to the Verizon guys.

They set me up and gave me the security code.  I fired up a PC and logged in.  The distance I was at was playing havoc with the connectivity.  Also, the more I navigated through Motorola the more questions my brain kept asking me.

Why would radio's need software?  Do we have a base unit?  How are we going to upload said software to the radio?  Am I looking for an update? Patch? etc.

I had to get more info if I was going to make some non blundering sense out of this, so I headed into the office to talk to Leslie, as she had delt with the radios the most.  For some reason, because of how the radio's are we had a limited number of radios that would be able to communicate (I still do not quite get this, I mean there is no limit to the number of AM radios that can listen to one station, right?).  I was informed that the issue was the frequency for our area had some kind of issue and we needed to have our own.  Which had been acquired and now needed to be applied.

Further we did not have a base unit and she showed me a USB connection that connects a radio to a computer.  This gave me that eureka moment (minus the naked running).  So I grabbed the office laptop and headed back to Verizon and found the only software download.  Headed back to the office and USB'd the Radios and launched the code.

I was very curious at this point.  What was going to happen?  Would it update automatically? Would there be something I needed to do?  I was a tad disappointed when a user interface launched.

So now what does this mean?  I launched the help files and started perusing the file.  I found a part about doing a read from the radio.  Which yielded an error message.  Just about the time I thought I was missing something, I tried a different radio and it worked.  As I poked around there was an editable table. Which, only let you turn the frequency on and off.

I decided to set the frequency as close to the list as possible.  It was off by a 10th, I figured that was close enough. And it was.

Turns out this interface allows you to alter the settings for a radio and save that as a profile, then using the USB you can program the radio's one after another.  The Read will let you grab a radio's setting and 'clone' that to another bunch.

Once I got the methodology and enough understanding the rest went very quickly.

May 26, 2012


Remember when global warming was a gigantic, apocalyptic danger that was going to destroy the world and that no true scientist would deny was such a thing?
We don’t either. Indeed, after two successive scandals, more financial conflicts of interest than can be properly counted, and “An Inconvenient Truth” being ruled inaccurate by a UK Court, it’s starting to become a mystery how this doomsday cult-style prophecy attracted the kind of credibility it did.

May 24, 2012

State of the Teach

The above cartoon has been circulating around the inter-webs.  It is generally received as a truthful representation of the sad state of parenting in the US of A.  I tend to reject sure thought as everyone in history always pines for the better times that the past represented.

I do feel that the high regard that the teaching profession once held has been tarnished.  Consider that most of us parents are given to complain about the lousy educational system and the crappy teachers out there, only to say how delighted they are with the person teaching their child.  And teachers themselves blame parents ad nausem for behaviors and lack of preparation.

One would think that the parents of today would draw upon their own experience with teachers. If they did go to public school the teachers of that time would have set the future tone. If the above is true then the teachers of the 40's and 50's where beyond reproach, while the teachers of the 70's and 80's were unreasonable in handing out grades.  Right?

May 23, 2012

The Thing That Used to be Liberalism.

WH leaks for propaganda film

It’s a complete mystery to me why any Lefty with an ounce of self-respect left does not vote third party.
If you are a Lefty Obama support and are not yet conversant in reasons to feel burning shame for prostituting your alleged “liberal values” for this man, you need to go an read one of the very few honest Lefties, Glenn Greenwald. He will abundantly document for you the immense damage Obama is doing, not just to the United States, but to the last shreds of honor left to the Thing That Used to be Liberalism.

May 16, 2012

Nick names and shoes.

I bought some shoes. This is the first time I have received compliments on my footwear.  It is very odd.  As I run more minimalist, I have been finding my new balance shoes are hurting my heels and my feet get overheated.  I found these shoes which are insanely light and have zero lift, which means the footbed is level.  The mesh makes it much more breezy as well.  All in all it has been a godsend for my feet.  And made me into a fashion diva?

I work at Costco (as stated ad nausem).  I work in electronics aka: Major sales.  The procedure for badges is to have your name in large print with your department in smaller print under. My first badge had Lee Majors in this fashion.  Which provided a chuckle for my peers at the same time confusion for my younger co-workers.

In case you do not know the story of Lee Majors.

So I have more the some people who call me Lee Majors at work, thus a nickname is born.

May 10, 2012

The Avengers did so much right it makes a fan-boi like myself very happy indeed.  It looks as though right for me is right for everyone as the box office reflects.

Why so huge?  Well the great string of movies as a lead in.  Except for the two hulk movies they did well.

The Iron man films being excellent due in no small way to Downy and Paltrow.  Same with Thor and Cap.  The introduction of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 was excellent as well.

One of the things this franchise has done was grab hold of the essence of the characters.  Tony Stark is brilliant, arrogant and ego driven.  The comic stories include battles with alcoholism loosing and regaining his fortune again and again.  Thor's Chris Hemsworth got the "aura" correct.  If there is that sort of thing.  Even Cap's movie was such a great idea driven device. Chris Evens plays him so driven and self sacrificing.  And Kudos to Tom Hiddleston for a great two movie run as Loki.

Whoever got Joss Wheadon on this movie should get an Oscar for production.  I shudder to think of directors who would not understand the source material (see any older super hero film).

What really impressed me about this film:

  • The power levels of the characters are so well represented.  The Hulk fighting Thor being such a close matchup.  Iron Man doing Okay against the Asgardian until he gets too close.  Cap's use of the shield and his hit and run tactics against a much stronger enemy.
  • The heroism displayed in an non-eye rolling fashion. 
  • The Hulk being damn scary to a Russian spy.  
  • Despite being scared crap-less she is still able to take apart Hawkeye.
  • The interaction and respect gaining.
  • The Hulk and Loki's 'little talk'
Some of the more confusing moments are the impotent workings of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Fury being addressed by the shadow council.  

I could keep writing about this film. I do hope they come together for more.

May 08, 2012

Gay Marriage a Rights issue?

I keep seeing Homosexual unions being put into the context of a Rights issue.  I just do not see it that way.  A friend of mine stated that Everyone DOES have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex.

It boils down to the definition of marriage. Which is about sex.  It is obvious to all that sex is about reproduction. That’s what it’s for in animals, and that’s what it’s for in us. We may find it enjoyable, but from a biological perspective, that is motivation to get us to engage in it and thus reproduce our species.

Sex is about babies, and there is an important fact about babies: They are helpless and require an enormous amount of care and attention. It’s a full-time job more than one person can handle. Even when they grow out of the infant stage, children still need two parents to take care of them and provide for the family.

Children also take a long time to mature. They won’t be biologically mature for around two decades (if then), and they may not be socially mature and able to serve as functioning, independent members of society for even longer. When more children come along, that only prolongs the period of investment parents have to make in raising their offspring.

Raising children is a multi-decade effort that needs the involvement of both parents. The fact that human offspring require so much care and take so long to mature means that their parents need to be joined in a stable union. This union even extends beyond the childrearing years, because by the time the offspring are grown the parents are in their declining years and need to start taking care of each other (as well as receiving help from their offspring).

From my Catholic standpoint, as the Code of Canon Law points out, "marriage is a permanent partnership between a man and a woman ordered to the procreation of offspring by means of some sexual cooperation" (CIC 1096 §1). This is the reality of what marriage is and what it has been understood to be in all human societies in history, even those that have been otherwise tolerant of homosexuality.

Human nature thus leads to sex, which leads to offspring, which leads to the reality of childrearing, which leads to marriage—an institution found in every human culture and understood in the way just described..

May 02, 2012

Crazy little thing called run.

Over the course of my life I find myself interested in something and I immerse myself into said something.  Among the subjects was Weather, Dinosaurs, Theoretical Physics, Comic Books, Computers, Weight lifting, Vegetarianism (nutrition), etc. Currently it is running.

A few years ago I tried to drop some weight, I was near 300 lbs.  When I made little to no headway, I joined a weight loss club TOPS and had some success getting into the 260's.  There was a long period of time were I would half hazardously attempt various things to loose weight with no real direction.  Then a friend of mine lost weight and explained how in terms that made more sense then anything I had read or done thus far.  So I dropped weight and got below 200.  To facilitate weight loss I began walking to and from work.  Then I upped the ante by running home.  At some point my foot would start  hurting and I would just hoof it for a couple of days.  My doctor told me it was plantar fasciitis and gave me a golf ball to help massage my inflamed foot.

Then my weight loss buddy said I should check out a book "Born to Run".  Again this so wonderfully explained  running that I took it to heart.  I tried forefoot running and found it was much easier and after the soreness of my calve muscles wore off I would run again.  I was up to about three mile runs when I decided to do a 10K.  This was about two years ago.  I ran and completed the race but my leg muscles locked up so badly that walking itself was nigh impossible.

Clearly I did not quite get this way of running.  Over the last couple of years I have figured out and resolved what I was doing wrong.  Today, I decided to run a rout and in 45min I had run 4.8 miles.  With no ill effect.

This is while wearing river shoes.