May 10, 2012

The Avengers did so much right it makes a fan-boi like myself very happy indeed.  It looks as though right for me is right for everyone as the box office reflects.

Why so huge?  Well the great string of movies as a lead in.  Except for the two hulk movies they did well.

The Iron man films being excellent due in no small way to Downy and Paltrow.  Same with Thor and Cap.  The introduction of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 was excellent as well.

One of the things this franchise has done was grab hold of the essence of the characters.  Tony Stark is brilliant, arrogant and ego driven.  The comic stories include battles with alcoholism loosing and regaining his fortune again and again.  Thor's Chris Hemsworth got the "aura" correct.  If there is that sort of thing.  Even Cap's movie was such a great idea driven device. Chris Evens plays him so driven and self sacrificing.  And Kudos to Tom Hiddleston for a great two movie run as Loki.

Whoever got Joss Wheadon on this movie should get an Oscar for production.  I shudder to think of directors who would not understand the source material (see any older super hero film).

What really impressed me about this film:

  • The power levels of the characters are so well represented.  The Hulk fighting Thor being such a close matchup.  Iron Man doing Okay against the Asgardian until he gets too close.  Cap's use of the shield and his hit and run tactics against a much stronger enemy.
  • The heroism displayed in an non-eye rolling fashion. 
  • The Hulk being damn scary to a Russian spy.  
  • Despite being scared crap-less she is still able to take apart Hawkeye.
  • The interaction and respect gaining.
  • The Hulk and Loki's 'little talk'
Some of the more confusing moments are the impotent workings of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Fury being addressed by the shadow council.  

I could keep writing about this film. I do hope they come together for more.

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