May 30, 2012


Climate change is real.  It is indisputable.  Mans role in causing changes in the climate is a weak theory at best.

I believe that the hypocritical fear mongering tactics of Al Gore are unethical and immoral at best, criminal at worse. Likewise those who suppress scientific investigation over political expedience.

That being said, I do believe we are stewards of the planet.  Personally, we do the sorting of paper, plastic and glass to hopefully reduce what goes into the local landfill.  I ride my bike to work, and I am a practicing vegetarian lifestyle. So my "carbon footprint" (the thought of which still makes me giggle) is very small.  I take advantage of proper chemical disposal (oil, paint etc.) and I am diligent about what pesticides and herbicides go on my lawn.  I am in the process of changing the bulbs in the house to lower cost LED's.

So when I am engaged in a discussion on the topic Global Warming, I can usually out holier then thou, the best of the Prius drivers.

Should we federally fund tidal, solar and wind power?  I could argue either way.  Some of the solar news from Germany is impressive.  I would love to see more nuclear plants to replace coal.  I am also gleaning more information about Thorium Salt Reactors.  I like seeing the hybrid cars and practical electric cars as well.

I would much rather have this all done by private enterprise.  So I guess my conservationism has limits.


flyingvan said...

I believe the Fed's role in supporting new energy technologies is to stay out of the way. Handing Solyndra gobs of money gives priority treatment to one idea over another----best left to free market dynamics. If thorium salt reactors create more cheap energy than hydrocarbons or unicorn farts--private funds will absolutely pour in

shoo said...

I am starting a new company that will finally make unicorn farts a viable energy source.