June 03, 2012

Assistance technique

A couple of days ago a gentleman came into the Major Sales department at Costco with a question about hooking up a TV to a computer.  His complaint was "nothing happens".  We went to the Demo model of the TV he had purchased and I went over the ports in the back to get an idea of how he was hooking up his computer.  He was using an HDMI connection.

After a bit of discussion I opted to move the TV over to the laptop table and hook one up.  The TV powered up and I changed the inputs and viola, the TV showed the PC screen.  The gentleman was impressed with the simplicity and frustrated by his own experience.  For me it boiled down to either an older generation HDMI cable or some computer switch that needed to be toggled.  The HDMI was an issue as this was a Mac and he had purchased one specifically for his computer.  Also, not being familiar enough with the Apple OS I could not specifically state any keyboard shortcuts.

At least the member had some things to try out...

Yesterday, the same man came in with his Apple laptop.  Saying it was doing the same thing.  So we hooked it up to the TV and the desktop wallpaper immediately showed up.  This did not surprise him, which made me curious.  He did a few things to show me how the TV screen was not working.  However, I was pretty sure it was.

So with his permission I drove, and dragged a window to the right of his laptop screen and lo it appeared on the right.  At this point he became chagrined.  I went into a talk about the different types of dual monitor setups.  Extended desktop and mirrored.  I was able to find and change the settings so he could do both. As needed.

I probably got too much enjoyment out of solving this issue...

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