June 11, 2012

Track and Field

Connor participated in the Special Olympic Track and Field events Saturday last.  He got a Silver in 400 meter and Bronze in Shot Put.

Early on I had suggested him for the 400 meter as he can run for quite a distance.  I feel he could have had gotten the gold...

At the start of the race he took off in the lead.  After the first bend he slowed down and let the first guy catch him, he began to talk to the first guy.  Who decided to run on ahead.  So Connor started talking with the next guy, keeping just ahead of him.  Until the far turn, when Connor decided to run to the finish.  Not at a fast pace but at his signature lope, which is actually pretty fast.

He finished without being out of breath...  So yeah...  If he understood the nature of a race, he would have finished first.  Gotta love this kid, he was all smiles.

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