April 25, 2007

World of Warlocks.

I play MMORPG's (Massivly, Multiplayer, Online, Role, Playing, Games). Which means using my computer I can log into an internet based game along with 8-million other people and pretend to be various sword and sorcery type characters. My current MMORPG of choice is World of warcraft (WoW).

In warcraft you can choose to be Good and tolerant Hoard or Evil and imperialistic Alliance. You choose a race and Gender. Hoard are Orc's, Trolls, Blood elfs, Forsaken and Tauren, all diverse looking and vast culture differences all comming together in a wonderful melting pot. The Alliance is almost xenophobic in its options of Humans, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Night elfs, and the Deamon spawn Draenie.

You can pick from different classes of characters as well. Warriors, Paladins, Rogues, Priests, Hunters, Shaman, Mage, Druid and finally the Warlock.

Warlocks are Warlocks were mages that delved too deeply into the roots of demonic power. Consumed by a lust for dark knowledge, they've tapped into chaotic magics from beyond the world. The Burning Legion now feeds them their powers, allowing them to channel destructive energies and call upon the powerful emissaries of their demon masters.

So not generally nice people and at the same time the most popular class currently. Having one along in a group can be very advantagous. They can fulfill many different roles and aid greatly in getting people to your location.

They can also get you killed. Recently I had the chance to have a warlock in my group. There was some terran that if able to bypass would have cut some time off of our journey through a dungeon. We tried to jump to a ledge that was just out of range for us. Not for the Warlocks demon though. The creature being seperated by elevation like that meant it would have to run back to its 'master'. This pet is a blueish void walker, that is known for being a threat and having other creatures attack it. This was the case as it meandered around the dungeon. It gathered up quite a few bad guys. When I say quite a few, I mean more then 10. Possibly 20 where lead back to our group of four...

We can take on several bad guys at once, four or five? No problem. We like keeping it to three or less. In this case out manned and out gunned thanks to our warlock buddy we had one choice. Die screaming. This is called a 'wipe' in the MMORPG world.

Never trust a warlock.

Faith = I have a pretty good idea.

First off I believe in God. I also believe that the biblical writings were divinely inspired. Further I am a practicing Catholic Born and raised. Just so ya know where I am comming from.

Subject: the Supernatural. Is everything in the universe explainable by the sciences? Or will it be as our knowledge of Physical science advances?

Are there things\ideas\concepts\phenomenon that exist outside of the realm of understanding?

If everything in the universe is explainable does that leave room for a God?

Let's assume that everything is explainable and all a function of various energies and chemicals. Human life itself was just a series of reactions that produced carbon based cellular constructs due to the way the universe works. In otherwords stuff happens in a cascade of reactions with no real purpose or plan. It simply is.


There is a pattern or order beyond our understanding that defines the scope of everything?

April 23, 2007

Cartoon Heroes - Aqua

This song came to me as part of dance dance revolution. It's a real kick:

We are what we're supposed to be
Illusions of your fantasy
All dots and lines that speak and say
What we do is what you wish to do

We are the color symphony
We do the things you wanna see
Frame by frame, to the extreme

Our friends are so unreasonable
They do the unpredictable
All dots lines that speak and say
What we do is what you wish to do

It's all an orchestra of strings
Doin' unbelievable things
Frame by frame, to the extreme
One by one, we're makin' it fun

We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh
We are the ones who're gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind - oh-oh-oh
And walked out on a piece of paper

Here comes Spiderman, arachnophobian
Welcome to the toon town party
Here comes Superman, from never-neverland
Welcome to the toon town party

We learned to run at speed of light
And to fall down from any height
It's true, but just remember that
What we do is what you just can't do

And all the worlds of craziness
A bunch of stars that's chasing us
Frame by frame, to the extreme
One by one, we're makin' it fun

We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh
We are the ones who're gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind - oh-oh-oh
And walked out on a piece of paper

Here comes Spiderman, arachnophobian
Welcome to the toon town party
Here comes Superman, from never-neverland
Welcome to the toon town party

You think we're so mysterious
Don't take us all too serious
Be original, and remember that
What we do is what you just can't do

What we do is what you just can't do
What we do is what you just can't do
What we do is what you just can't do
What we do is what you just can't do

We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh
We are the ones who're gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind - oh-oh-oh
And walked out on a piece of paper

There's still more to come
And everyone will be
Welcomed at the
Toon - Toon
Town - Town

My Grandpa

My Pop's dad was a very interesting fellow. He did things his way. He lived through interesting times. Thanks to a few vacations back east and my Grandfolks heading out to visit I have quite a few fond memories and quite a few stories about them as well.

At one point in time I was in Florida experienceing humidity and swiming in lakes, trying to get the hang of shuffleboard.

I had an interest in performing magic and in talking with Grandpa he revielve that he had seen Houdini perform a straight jacket escape while suspended upsidown from a building.

Wanting a first hand account I pressed him for details. He went on saying there was a large crowd and you could barely see this guy up there squirming around like a worm on a hook then he dropped the jacket. My Grandpa was not sure what all the fuss about this guy (houdini) was.

Pretty much what you would expect from a first hand account of something...

I miss Grandpa. Shoulda talked with him more.

April 20, 2007

My mind

As I walk the two miles to work I have 30minutes to myself. So I tend to think. Having no first hand knowledge of how other peoples minds function I can only guess that mine is typical. I go from subject to subject in rapid succession. I get itdea's and store them or discard them as they get thought through.

I gain some insights into subjects, I simplify others and all in all just enjoy the tumult that goes on. Yes, if feels like I am observing my brain at work, Not sure if that makes sense to you or not.

On todays walk I jumped onto the often thunk issue of what I would do with the sudden influx of vast amounts of fundage. The thought occured to purchase homes near mine and give them to my friends, Hopefully setting up an interest bearing account to pay the property tax...

Anyways, having Shoo and Robert as close neighbors has a lot of appeal to me. And nostalgia. The families interacting would be a hoot and just being able to sit around talking over dinner or such would be a blast. Seeing as how I was the one that moved away from where they live I guess its some kind of compensation.

Then my mind goes into the situation from the viewpoint that Rob and Shoo are not just single guys, they are family men with wives and kids. Now I LOVE living in a smaller city (27k). I like the slower pace of life and the sheer amount of nature that we have around us. My question is how thier families would react if suddenly moved into this place. The shopping here is statistically nil compared to the OC. The venues for entertainment as well (we have two movie theaters or 11 screens). Companies here are 'different' as well. Most places dont have employees leave for two weeks to hunt Elk. The schools would be a dramatic change for the kids. There is a lack of diversity but a greater acceptence of people.

April 16, 2007

Trevor and Lee go to Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)

OIT is the only completely geothermally heated university campus in the United States. Which for a technical school is pretty tech...

Trevor was granted a scholorship and we are awaiting the results of the others we submitted for. He has already been admitted and so this was a first visit to the campus. We talked to admissions and Financial had lunch and got a tour. It is a modest campus on the hill overlooking Klamath lake. The Houseing is a large four story building right there on campus. It's small but functional.

Trevor really seemed to enjoy the tour and the prospect. He spoke to one of the teachers and was pleasantly upbeat about the prospect of learning to be a civil engineer. When asked he said it would be the most important four years of his life. Good attitude...

The support services is great as well. Its looking good

April 09, 2007


I'm having a tough time with household repars as of late. Our new bathroom had the lights go out. Blown breaker. No big issue. Head downstairs and hit the switch.

It wont reset. Make sure that there is nothing plugged in or anything and still... It wont reset.

Moved the wires to another breaker and it worked fine. So its not an overload.

Now then. This particular breaker is a GFCI and will throw over if there is a grounding issue. So that immediatly puts the breaker as suspect... Add to that the fact that there is a GFCI outlet in the bathroom (I had installed that and was told by an inspector to get a GFCI breaker so I just left it).

So its possible that the two are interfearing with each other.

So off to the store and get a new GFCI breaker ($40.00 YIKES!) and a new standard outlet (with a large cover for cosmetic reasons).

I installed the new outlet and the breaker resets! wooT! done! solved!!

..............not so fast bucko..................

The GFCI throws later and that puts me into the position of opening and setting in the new breaker. Dangit... that was going to be returned... ah well..

Then the breaker wont reset. Umkay... whats going on?

So I re-re-wire it back into a backup non-GFCI breaker and call up our local electrical shop and he gives me some stuff to look for. There is some kind of grounding out going on. So now to check the fan and lights...


So I got a new doorbell. and guess what. The doorbell chime starts going off and WILL not stop! I have to cut it at the wall. .... Grumble....

I hate not being able to fix crap...

April 05, 2007

Good Parenting

Where do good parents come from? How do you judge if they are good parents or not?

If I had to narrow it down I would have to say. Consistancy in quality of Attention, Observation and Interaction all tempered with a deep affection and fear.

The only good way to judge a good parent is by checking out thier grandkids. So in my case the jury is out. But, Im not worried.

My parents are my Mom and Pop, The Bingo's, The Moores and Mrs. Vircsik. All of which are shapped concepts and idea's in my mind on how things worked and more importantly helped shape the essence of that aspect of my person.

Add to that life experiences of being the youngest of five and being an Uncle before I was ten years old. I had lots of interactions with lots of baby peoples on various levels.

So far I have three great kids and a very happy home and home-life. Our teens are very open and honest about thier interactions and thier teenage friends take a liking to us as well. The kids all do well in school and have an eye pointed towards collage. They think for themselves and are not afraid of questioning thier teachers, peers and elders.

So I am happy with our results so far. Good thing Tina is a better parent then I am eh?

April 04, 2007

Steve Story

I have a buddy from back in High School named Steve.

One time Steve needed to get some gear to the school for a chior trip around the state. At this point I was already graduated and Steve was a senior. The plan was: I would go to Steves, he would drive his gear over to the school, I would drive the car back to his house and head home.

Simple elegant etc. So its early in the AM I arrive. Steve is a little frantic as he was planning on getting up early and packing rather then packing the night before. So I helped him finding items and things while the clock ticked away. Finally with his luggage assembled and put in the back of the car he went to pull out into the driveway so I could get in the passenger side (not much room in the garage).

For some reason Steve decided to opt out of closing the driver side door as he backed out. Either he was showing off or thought he was saving the time needed to get in and out of the car, I dunno... Really I am at a loss to explain what was going on inside that brain.

Now as he backed out the door hit the edge of the garage door opening, and due to various laws of physical motion, Bent backwards.

So the car stops, Steve is looking shocked and puzzled and frenetic. The garage appears fine but the door is bent backwards at a good 45 degree angle. I myself am actively repressing the urge to laugh myself delirious. Steve locks eyes with me for a split second and with all speed vanishes inside the house.

The Door is truely bent, the glass is undamaged and the hinges as well. I am midway into this inspection when Steve emerges, fairly wild eyed, gripped in his hand is a standard bathroom plunger.

He moves to the door with steely determination and attempts to use the plunger to pull the BEND out of the door... yeah, BEND not DENT...

This fails and I voice the obvious. "ITS NOT A DENT ITS BENT"

So Steve has gone through the Anger, Denial, Bargining and hits Depression. He verbally tries to figure out how to cover his ass from his mom (who is working at this time and will NOT be home for several hours)

Steve himself will be on a trip for the next five days anyways.

So I assist him into the 'acceptance' phase by again stating the obvious: "There really isnt any way out of this one"

So we tied the door shut with a rope and traversed to the High School...

April 03, 2007


This is my current desktop picture at work. If you take a bit of a look at this picture you see a bit more then a boy on a horse. I see someone who is very comfortable and at home. It looks like this is something he does every day and its not a big deal.
In fact this is his second time riding this horse and it has been several months between rides. There is nothing I could write that would truly capture the joy he expresses. It really does make be happy we have this particular option available to us. Thanks Kraig and Nancy.