May 30, 2008

Dating deux

A comment or two required some explanation of the dating topic. First off the context makes it obvious this is for first time dating. Not going out on dates with the wife. Two VERY different topics. (posting to follow at some point).

As for the bad date ideas hiking, sporting events, movies, dinner with parents..

Hiking is a bad first date because you need gear, stamina, a love of outdoors. Its tough to get to know someone when they are puffing, gaining blisters and wondering how long till they can sit or get back to the car. Exceptions, sure, I don't deal in absolutes here. Lets say you meet someone WHILE hiking. Or your both in REI.

Sporting events require basic knowledge of the sport and some idea of the teams involved. Also dealing with less then comfortable smells, noise and food. Not knowing why everyone is standing up and yelling can distance you from person your with at a minimum. Exceptions, the person is as big a fan as you are. You have access to a box seat.

Movies, sitting next to someone not talking or noticing them is just a dumb way to expect to know someone. Dinner before and a drink after? Better, but not a good first date option.
Exception, a film festival or dinner theater, possibly. Still not a good first date, unless your into not talking or its a blind date.

Dinner with parents. Nothing like having your every move being analyzed to enhance your dining pleasure!!!

Dating in the 21st century.

My observation is that the art of dating is a near lost one. Having been out of the loop (thank the intelligent designer) for 25 years, im sure some of the nuances have gone bye bye.

Dating, simply put is arranging a one on one situation with someone you have an interest. The purpose is to see if there is a reason to arrange a second one on one situation, and to entertain yourself.

Good dates involve mutual interests, dancing, scuba diving, musical performance, exploring new cusine, theater and expositions. (Would you like to get some coffee?)

Bad dates involve hiking, sporting events, movies, dinner with parents. (I know, we can eat at my place, mom is a great cook, I live in the basement)

Often, I am seeing younger people bypassing dating and going into relationship. This generates a lot of drama, angst and depression. This could be a generational issue, that is kids have seen the parents as either a steady couple or a series of drama filled relationships.

Imagine you have the option of going to a hockey game with a hockey fan, seeing a BNL concert with someone who knows the songs, dancing all night etc. Your learning about yourself, about what you can tolerate and what you can't, exploring new idea's and concepts.
Training to be in a relationship.

May 29, 2008


Doesn't it make sense that somebody running for president have a basic understanding of American history?

May 27, 2008

Weezer pork and beans video

You have to know something about viral videos to appreciate this. All I can say is, w00T, R0X0Rs!!


I'm a vegetarian. I haven't purchased anything from the meat section of the store for 18 years. So the meat industry lost a consumer, did they roll back production? Nope. My personal impact could be rounded down to nil. All I can say is I am not contributing directly to that industry. Sound reasonable thinking there.

CFL light bulbs, aside from the horrible environmental pollution, icky light, the shorter lifespan, higher cost, they use less electricity. At a recent earth day fair it was being proposed that the mercury released into the environment (Your dump site has to have special equipment to dispose of these, you also have to hope people don't throw them into the garbage), was countered because of the lessor electricity use.

That is to say, because your using less electricity the power plants are generating less electricity and thereby releasing less mercury into the ground. I find the notion that electrical plants would produce less power laughable, just like my being vegetarian means there are animals out there being spared from slaughter.

May 26, 2008

Wolfgangs passing

We are home from the memorial of my Father-in-law, Wolfgang Max Vetter. It was a wonderful moving service. I wrote a small essay, which I intended to read. As it was I was a bit overcome and my bro by marriage Carl (keeka's hubby) stepped in and read in my place. I am very grateful for him being my 'wing man' in this situation, and it seemed very appropriate as the son's-in-laws to be up there together.

Here is the text:
What do you say when a good man leaves this mortal coil? How do you express in words an amazing life that saw and did so many things?
I suppose you organize your thoughts the best you can and say what you can, knowing it will fall short.
This journey of life has tears. It's the way of things. Change occurs constantly. We hope, in good times, for things to stay as they are. We look back on certain times longingly, sometimes hoping to recapture a time, place or feeling. My memories of Wolfgang are legion. I have the unique experience of being the first Son-in-law. I went the old fashion route and asked Wolfgang for his Daughters hand. He gave his blessing with sparkling eyes and a welcoming smile and a simple “I think that’s great”.
Wolfgang left his war torn home and came to Canada in search of work. He learned to speak the language, met the love of his life, started a family, he worked hard to the top of his craft.
“His Talents”, were limitless. He had a golden touch for Landscaping, brickwork, woodworking, stained glass, jewelry, and Fatherhood.
Progeny reflect the ideals of parents, the charm and strength of character of his three daughters are Wolfgang’s lasting testament.
Life is a journey with a final destination. Once you reach that heavenly place, a new journey begins with the grace of God. The greatest adventure if you will. Wolfgang is and was an explorer; he was always seeking new vistas and learning new wonderful things.
What do you say to such a man on an occasion like this?
God speed Wolfgang, until we meet again.

May 21, 2008

Dissapointing election year.

I have a vague hope that McCain will recruit a conservative as VP. Someone who might hold the values Expressed below:

"We, the members of the New Republican Party, believe that the preservation and enhancement of the values that strengthen and protect individual freedom, family life, communities and neighborhoods and the liberty of our beloved nation should be at the heart of any legislative or political program presented to the American people."

"Our task now is not to sell a philosophy, but to make the majority of Americans, who already share that philosophy, see that modern conservatism offers them a political home. ... The job is ours and the job must be done. If not by us, who? If not now, when? "

"Our party must be the party of the individual. It must not sell out the individual to cater to the group. No greater challenge faces our society today than ensuring that each one of us can maintain his dignity and his identity in an increasingly complex, centralized society."

"Extreme taxation, excessive controls, oppressive government competition with business … frustrated minorities and forgotten Americans are not the products of free enterprise. They are the residue of centralized bureaucracy, of government by a self-anointed elite. Our party must be based on the kind of leadership that grows and takes its strength from the people. Any organization is in actuality only the lengthened shadow of its members. A political party is a mechanical structure created to further a cause. The cause, not the mechanism, brings and holds the members together. And our cause must be to rediscover, reassert and reapply America's spiritual heritage to our national affairs. Then with God's help we shall indeed be as a city upon a hill with the eyes of all people upon us."

-Ronald Wilson Reagan

May 16, 2008


How often in your life can you call someone at 3:00am in the morning acting like a moron and have the people on the other end of the phone be happy to hear from you??

Trevor was born late at night, I had the job of calling the family. When I placed the call to my sister-in-law Connie, it was early in the damn morning and her husband (whom I hadnt met yet) answered.

Gus: "Hello?"

Me: "Oh, hi is Connie home?"

Gus: "Is Connie home? Yes, she is asleep"

Me: "Oh, um, can I talk to her?"

Gus: "Do you know what time it is?"

Me: "Not really, its 3:00am"

Gus: "She is asleep."

Me: "Okay, can I leave her a message?"

Gus: "Who is this??"

Me: "Just tell her that Lee called and her sister had a baby boy"


Gus: "A BOY! Oh thats great Conradulations, wait a second I'll go get her" (Major change in voice and attitude)

I apologized for to Connie for the lateness of the call and to Gus. It was just a combination of being a giddy new father and my inner jerk humor bubbling up.

May 15, 2008

Connor favorite.

Connor recites this periodically and it never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Here is the original from the TV show 'Chowder'

May 13, 2008


Before I was born my family moved to Southern California. This was in a place called Orange County, directly south of LA County.

During the 1950's LA had very bad smog (aka air pollution). There was smog alerts issued depending upon the air quality

First Stage Smog Alert: All vigorous and strenuous activities should be reduced or shortened.
Second Stage Smog Alert: All forms of vigorous activity must be discontinued or cancelled.
Third Stage Smog Alert: Students, staff, and faculty should remain indoors and restrict movement as much as possible.

I recall first stage smog alerts and not being able to breath a deep breath without coughing. A yellowing brown sickly haze hanging in the sky.

stage one was 0.5 ppm ozone, two 1 ppm, three 1.5 ppm. On Sept. 13, 1955, the city of Vernon reached 0.9 ppm of ozone and 0.85 ppm downtown. So no stage 2 or stage 3 was ever issued.

Current standards for ozone list the stage one 0.20 ppm, stage two 0.35 ppm, stage three 0.50 ppm. In the year 2000 there were no stage one smog alerts.

Cleaning up the air, good thing.

May 09, 2008

Good news for global warming fans.

It looks like global warming stopped six years ago. I'm thinking we did it! This must be man made global cooling, those carbon credits have paid off! Of course scientists need to keep on the correct political side of things to keep funding going.

Personally, I think its been due to us all becomming green. Good work folks!

There are the haters out there who just dont see the bigger picture.

May 08, 2008


They mapped the genome found out it has 10 pairs of chromosomes to determine sex (peoples have two). Austrialia has quite a lot of oddness in its animals. Monotrema are mammals that lay eggs. I recall reading something way back in the 1960's saying that the platypus didnt 'really' lay eggs, wish I had total recall sometimes.

When I read the artical and found the word Monotreme the realitization that more then one mammal laid eggs, made me look up the others. Well, other, the echidna. And there are fossils as well of versions that probably do not exist anymore.

Still a duck\beaver, egg laying, pouch bearing, stinger wielding critter is worth noticing.

May 06, 2008

Connor and Daddy visit the ER.

My brain cannot seem to calculate the amount of sleep I have gotten over the last 24 hours. Connor is fine and has a couple of stitches in his foot.

Autism makes certain things very difficult. Monday night, I was waiting for melatonin to kick in, Connor, emerged from his room with an odd pained expression. I assumed his bladder was forcing a command performance, but a whimper told me something more was wrong.

When I am up and my spouse is sleeping, I 'try' to intercept Connor, depending upon his mood, needs and wants. In this case there was distress and he wanted Mommy. He was also limping, and had a bandaged foot. Odd as I did not recall him limping earlier.

While he cuddled with Tina I grabbed the mini-flashlight and a warm washcloth, his feet were dirty so he must have been playing outside without his shoes. Something, we do not like him doing. I washed up the non-bandaged foot and moved to the next. When I removed the bandage covering the space between his second and third toe I got to see a deep punctured like laceration. Time to go to the ER.

Connor is a tough little kid, he shrugs off stuff that would make a grownup cry. He also does not have the language skills to tell you whats wrong or what happened. I tried a number of ways to find out where he hurt his foot to no avail.

The ER wasn't crowded so it only took four hours to finally see a doctor. They cleaned the wound and took x-rays. Nothing was lodged inside his foot. Now comes the fun part.

My past experience and uncanny knack for figuring out whats coming allowed me to prepare Connor. While on the drive over I told him they would clean his foot, take pictures, stitch it up an he would get a shot. I further told him it would hurt, it would not be fun but it was very important. All the above is language he can grasp. (key word 'can')

So its time to stitch up his foot. The doctor and the soul nurse assure me that they can handle a ten year old. Last doctor visit Connor had busted his chin open, the arched out of three nurses grips. This time, I didn't defer, they needed him stomach down, I used my Dad voice to get him on his stomach then used my body weight over his hips and one arm to lock up both of his. The doctor called in two more assistance to handle his legs.

This left him with screaming and me talking him through the procedure. He seemed to understand that this was needed and actually would lie still for the bulk of the procedure.

The final thing was the tetanus shot. By this point the folks in the ER treated me more as an expert on Connor and not just a parent (yeah, I think they are synonyms as well). The nurse actually showed Connor the needle and he sat still and accepted the shot like a pro, even taking his shirt off by himself. Brave little guy.

May 05, 2008

Tax holiday

If you have business and are told that you can no longer 'pass along' any consumtion taxes to the consumer, yet you have to ensure that tax is paid.

What would you do?

Yeah, me too. It struck me as style over substance.

May 02, 2008

Music Last.FM

I have always enjoyed music. I like something different, clever, exciting, fun etc. is a good way for me to find new different groups.
So far I have been checking out:
  • Scooter
  • Darude
  • Daft Punk
  • Kate Ryan
  • Alizee

I found out quite a few of these were from the mid 90's. So I think I musta missed something someplace.