May 16, 2008


How often in your life can you call someone at 3:00am in the morning acting like a moron and have the people on the other end of the phone be happy to hear from you??

Trevor was born late at night, I had the job of calling the family. When I placed the call to my sister-in-law Connie, it was early in the damn morning and her husband (whom I hadnt met yet) answered.

Gus: "Hello?"

Me: "Oh, hi is Connie home?"

Gus: "Is Connie home? Yes, she is asleep"

Me: "Oh, um, can I talk to her?"

Gus: "Do you know what time it is?"

Me: "Not really, its 3:00am"

Gus: "She is asleep."

Me: "Okay, can I leave her a message?"

Gus: "Who is this??"

Me: "Just tell her that Lee called and her sister had a baby boy"


Gus: "A BOY! Oh thats great Conradulations, wait a second I'll go get her" (Major change in voice and attitude)

I apologized for to Connie for the lateness of the call and to Gus. It was just a combination of being a giddy new father and my inner jerk humor bubbling up.

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keeka said...

Have to say never heard that story, that's funny. Did you call us in the middle of the night too?
I don't recall! Remembery is like that!