May 27, 2008


I'm a vegetarian. I haven't purchased anything from the meat section of the store for 18 years. So the meat industry lost a consumer, did they roll back production? Nope. My personal impact could be rounded down to nil. All I can say is I am not contributing directly to that industry. Sound reasonable thinking there.

CFL light bulbs, aside from the horrible environmental pollution, icky light, the shorter lifespan, higher cost, they use less electricity. At a recent earth day fair it was being proposed that the mercury released into the environment (Your dump site has to have special equipment to dispose of these, you also have to hope people don't throw them into the garbage), was countered because of the lessor electricity use.

That is to say, because your using less electricity the power plants are generating less electricity and thereby releasing less mercury into the ground. I find the notion that electrical plants would produce less power laughable, just like my being vegetarian means there are animals out there being spared from slaughter.


princess slea said...

I actually love my CFL light bulbs. I live in a very old house (100 years) and for some reason the light bulb in my back hallway would blow out literally every other week. It was frustrating and I was constantly changing bulbs out there.
About a year ago, I put in a CFL and it has not blown yet.
I also like it in my upstairs bathroom because it does take a little time to reach full brightness. It acts like a dimmer and saves our eyes when we need to turn on the light at night and our eyes aren't used to it.

I don't know how much good it's doing for the environment but I do know my electric bill DID go down when I switched and I'm not having to keep a constant supply of light bulbs around.

Lee said...

Personally, I think offer legit reasons for using those where you do. Just dont break one.

The LED light bulbs look like the bestest way to save moola and not endanger anyone.

We got those glowey little plug in panels that use 5 cents a year.