May 02, 2008

Music Last.FM

I have always enjoyed music. I like something different, clever, exciting, fun etc. is a good way for me to find new different groups.
So far I have been checking out:
  • Scooter
  • Darude
  • Daft Punk
  • Kate Ryan
  • Alizee

I found out quite a few of these were from the mid 90's. So I think I musta missed something someplace.


Daniel W. said...

yeah, Daft Punk!

Crystal said...

I love
Great site
I've been checking out a lot of irish and english bands lately.
I saw Daft Punk this last summer at the Traffic Music festival in Turin. It was free and they were awesome

keeka said...

gotta say, Lee is the most "in tune" (pun intended) dude I know when it comes to music. I have never met anyone who enjoyed such a wide variety and knew so stinkin' much about it! i.e The Fanatic! Not Lee, the song! heehee by....Felony!! W00T!