May 26, 2008

Wolfgangs passing

We are home from the memorial of my Father-in-law, Wolfgang Max Vetter. It was a wonderful moving service. I wrote a small essay, which I intended to read. As it was I was a bit overcome and my bro by marriage Carl (keeka's hubby) stepped in and read in my place. I am very grateful for him being my 'wing man' in this situation, and it seemed very appropriate as the son's-in-laws to be up there together.

Here is the text:
What do you say when a good man leaves this mortal coil? How do you express in words an amazing life that saw and did so many things?
I suppose you organize your thoughts the best you can and say what you can, knowing it will fall short.
This journey of life has tears. It's the way of things. Change occurs constantly. We hope, in good times, for things to stay as they are. We look back on certain times longingly, sometimes hoping to recapture a time, place or feeling. My memories of Wolfgang are legion. I have the unique experience of being the first Son-in-law. I went the old fashion route and asked Wolfgang for his Daughters hand. He gave his blessing with sparkling eyes and a welcoming smile and a simple “I think that’s great”.
Wolfgang left his war torn home and came to Canada in search of work. He learned to speak the language, met the love of his life, started a family, he worked hard to the top of his craft.
“His Talents”, were limitless. He had a golden touch for Landscaping, brickwork, woodworking, stained glass, jewelry, and Fatherhood.
Progeny reflect the ideals of parents, the charm and strength of character of his three daughters are Wolfgang’s lasting testament.
Life is a journey with a final destination. Once you reach that heavenly place, a new journey begins with the grace of God. The greatest adventure if you will. Wolfgang is and was an explorer; he was always seeking new vistas and learning new wonderful things.
What do you say to such a man on an occasion like this?
God speed Wolfgang, until we meet again.


shoo said...

Nice eulogy, Lee.

The passing of such a fine man is alwys sad, but has the grief fades, you will be left with nothing but fond memories.

Funny, I am the first son-in-law for my wife's family too. I couldn't ask for her hand in marriage in person, as he was in Vietnam (and in "re-education" camp, no less), but I did ask by letter.

prestoffcenter said...

Well said Lee,
Very well done indeed.

I feel sorrow for your loss, but also a bit glad that the problems he was having are no longer tearing the family apart.

Take on your days as they come, and to the fullest.


keeka said...

You did a great thing, Lee. The sentiment was all yours and just because Carl is missing the emotion gene and could get through it just proves you knew him (my dad) very well. I thank you for your wonderful words and for the feelings that brought them to light!