May 30, 2008

Dating deux

A comment or two required some explanation of the dating topic. First off the context makes it obvious this is for first time dating. Not going out on dates with the wife. Two VERY different topics. (posting to follow at some point).

As for the bad date ideas hiking, sporting events, movies, dinner with parents..

Hiking is a bad first date because you need gear, stamina, a love of outdoors. Its tough to get to know someone when they are puffing, gaining blisters and wondering how long till they can sit or get back to the car. Exceptions, sure, I don't deal in absolutes here. Lets say you meet someone WHILE hiking. Or your both in REI.

Sporting events require basic knowledge of the sport and some idea of the teams involved. Also dealing with less then comfortable smells, noise and food. Not knowing why everyone is standing up and yelling can distance you from person your with at a minimum. Exceptions, the person is as big a fan as you are. You have access to a box seat.

Movies, sitting next to someone not talking or noticing them is just a dumb way to expect to know someone. Dinner before and a drink after? Better, but not a good first date option.
Exception, a film festival or dinner theater, possibly. Still not a good first date, unless your into not talking or its a blind date.

Dinner with parents. Nothing like having your every move being analyzed to enhance your dining pleasure!!!


Myrna said...

Okay so the quailifier "first date" or 'getting acquainted' wasn't clearly stated. Makes a big difference for the "good and bad lists" Good observations

- Rob said...

I have 2 daughters coming up to dating age. The closer that gets, the more the "dinner with parents" first date sounds to me. :)

Tina said...

Or else have MTV film the entire thing. That was a great first date as far as I'm concerned.