May 05, 2008

Tax holiday

If you have business and are told that you can no longer 'pass along' any consumtion taxes to the consumer, yet you have to ensure that tax is paid.

What would you do?

Yeah, me too. It struck me as style over substance.


flyingvan said...

You still don't get it, do you? If you start a business and earn profit, it's because you have some innate need to do it--profit is evil. If you deserve any money for taking the financial and personal risks, wait for the government to give you your share. The government MUST decide what CEO's earn.

ronnwaters said...

I always thought gas taxes went to help pay for roads and such. Will this holiday give us a infrastructure crisis later on?
One more way the democrats are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Unfortunately, the government does decide what Steve and I earn.

flyingvan said...

Actually, firefighter/paramedic pay has more to do with one's willingness to work overtime and take on different roles (like incident management team stuff, USAR, etc) But for basic pay, you're right. It's between the gov't, which I don't care much for, and the union, which makes the gov't look like good guys.