April 28, 2008

I mowed the lawn today

Second mowing after a couple of weeks of rain. First mow takes a few days, the hill being the worse. You have to dig your heels in and then doing a squat lower the mower and pull it back up. You do this leaving little mowhawks of grass between. Then you can either weed wack them or squat mow them depending on your remaining strength. I jogged with the Dog this AM as well so I am working on my third set of clothes and my second shower. I love having a big yard. I would love having less grass that needs mowing more. Ah well one thing at a time.


Re-Navy!! said...

i remember when you had to force trevor to do it...now he's away so you gotta do it lol.....hope you're not too sore today. I saw that the weather was semi-nice only 69 degrees....it was up in the 90's here in san diego....by 6 it was back in the low 80's.... it felt really good....anyway talk to you later!!!

prestoffcenter said...

Don't you Oregonians have things like goats for that? My gramma had some sheep. Of course that brings up piles of other problems.

When I let mine get way too tall I push it along on it's back wheels to get a chomp at the tall stuff without choking the mower, then set the front wheels down and pull it backwards for the level cut.

With a larger estate, maybe it's time for a rider.

- Rob said...

I did all of my mowing as a kid and got it out of my system.

Tina said...

Lee would love a riding mower. Thing is, we'd have to do some major earth-moving to get the yard level enough to be able to use the riding mower on it.

The parts that are mostly level are easy enough - the slopes are the tough part.

Down the road we'd like to terrace either side of the yard and not have to mow it at all.

In the meantime, Lee will just have to keep on mowing. We played around with the idea of having a goat for a while - but we're within city limits and they don't qualify as pets. Livestock are not allowed in city limits.

(maybe we can just borrow one from a 4H kid?)

flyingvan said...

Just get a tetherball set and let the neighborhood kids play. Once a circle gets stamped down good, move the pole.