April 19, 2008

Offensive deux.

Just for clarification this series of blogs makes the assumption that no one ever wants to be offensive.

You hear something offensive. You do not want the person to have said the offensive word(s) and you do not want them to say the offense ever again, you want to censor that person.

In general I am offended by: Colorful Metaphors (cussing) in civil society by and around children and young adults (lets use the age of 18 as the line there). Racial slurs and physical observation used to label and demean. Pedophilia.

In particular I am offended by cruel spontaneous criticism towards my family and friends. The assumption of superiority defined by scholastic achievement. Dis-honesty for purpose of deception.

You cannot exclude context. In general my reaction to someone using colorful metaphors on a military base would be different then someone using the same in a kindergarden classroom. Why were you offended? Was everyone around you offended as well? Does the percentage of those offended matter? What is your reaction?

Reactions to being offended can range from denial to death . Given the choice to interact with other people, and knowledge of enevitable offense being given or received, the evaluation and appropriate response is paramount.

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Re-Navy!! said...

woops i guess that i do offend most with my colorful metaphors....on base its ridiculous!! I would say though i do know when to watch my mouth...some just need to learn that