April 09, 2008

My last three days

So I get the news on tuesday that my kid needs to get a Physical, Bloodwork, Drug Screening, EGK and Echocardiogram. The results needed to be in before the end of the week.

So trying to get all this set up and done has taken quite a bit of effort and convincing.

Well, we got all but the echocardiogram done and thats scheduled for Thursday 8:00 am.

So mission accomplished.


Re-Navy!! said...

why so much testing? are you dying? i hope not

Lee said...

Yup, I'm afraid everyone of us is dying.

Tina said...

It was for Diana for that thing she's gonna do.

They had to make sure she was healthy :)

Really, really healthy.

That's just part of the whole kit & kaboodle. :)

- Rob said...

Sounds like a future in Project Management for you! The part about lots of "effort and convincing" is especially good experience!

The family will be watching for that thing that Diana is doing.

Tina said...

How do you get that Project Mgmt job? He really would be good at it!!

flyingvan said...

Had my VERY invasive physical for work yesterday....Even though my MET on the treadmill w/12 lead EKG put me in the 99th percentile, prostate, flexibility, bodyfat index, all that was great--my LDL was 188. Up from last year in spite of a year of very healthy eating, high dose niacin, and red yeast rice. Dr. wants me to take statin drugs immediately; I'm hesitant to treat a simple number. Must research more.