June 03, 2012

Democrat war on Women?

According to publicly available salary data at the website Legistorm, Pelosi’s female employees earned an average annual salary of $96,394 in fiscal year 2011. Male employees earned $123,000 on average, a difference of 27.6 percent.
The gap is even larger if calculated using the median salaries for men and women. For Pelosi’s female employees, the median annual salary was $93,320 in 2011, compared to $130,455 for male employees—a difference of $37,135, or 40 percent.
Pelosi’s entire staff—men and women—earned an average annual salary of $108,150 and a median salary of $114,662. By both measures, women made considerably less.

Last week, Pelosi was asked about reports that female staffers for Senate Democrats are paid less than male staffers. Pelosi’s response was that she can’t speak to what goes on in the Senate, and it’s “another world”
Women are being paid less than men for the same jobs just across the street from Pelosi and that’s “another world” and none of her business, but if somebody suggests pay disparities exist in, say, a Paducah Wal-Mart, Pelosi believes it’s her duty to aggressively address the problem?

Thanks Doug Powers.

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