May 02, 2012

Crazy little thing called run.

Over the course of my life I find myself interested in something and I immerse myself into said something.  Among the subjects was Weather, Dinosaurs, Theoretical Physics, Comic Books, Computers, Weight lifting, Vegetarianism (nutrition), etc. Currently it is running.

A few years ago I tried to drop some weight, I was near 300 lbs.  When I made little to no headway, I joined a weight loss club TOPS and had some success getting into the 260's.  There was a long period of time were I would half hazardously attempt various things to loose weight with no real direction.  Then a friend of mine lost weight and explained how in terms that made more sense then anything I had read or done thus far.  So I dropped weight and got below 200.  To facilitate weight loss I began walking to and from work.  Then I upped the ante by running home.  At some point my foot would start  hurting and I would just hoof it for a couple of days.  My doctor told me it was plantar fasciitis and gave me a golf ball to help massage my inflamed foot.

Then my weight loss buddy said I should check out a book "Born to Run".  Again this so wonderfully explained  running that I took it to heart.  I tried forefoot running and found it was much easier and after the soreness of my calve muscles wore off I would run again.  I was up to about three mile runs when I decided to do a 10K.  This was about two years ago.  I ran and completed the race but my leg muscles locked up so badly that walking itself was nigh impossible.

Clearly I did not quite get this way of running.  Over the last couple of years I have figured out and resolved what I was doing wrong.  Today, I decided to run a rout and in 45min I had run 4.8 miles.  With no ill effect.

This is while wearing river shoes.  

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