May 16, 2012

Nick names and shoes.

I bought some shoes. This is the first time I have received compliments on my footwear.  It is very odd.  As I run more minimalist, I have been finding my new balance shoes are hurting my heels and my feet get overheated.  I found these shoes which are insanely light and have zero lift, which means the footbed is level.  The mesh makes it much more breezy as well.  All in all it has been a godsend for my feet.  And made me into a fashion diva?

I work at Costco (as stated ad nausem).  I work in electronics aka: Major sales.  The procedure for badges is to have your name in large print with your department in smaller print under. My first badge had Lee Majors in this fashion.  Which provided a chuckle for my peers at the same time confusion for my younger co-workers.

In case you do not know the story of Lee Majors.

So I have more the some people who call me Lee Majors at work, thus a nickname is born.

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