March 31, 2008

Connor time

I am the food shopper at our house. That is to say the bulk of the edible items are purchased by me and Connor during a weekly run. I really enjoy the time with him and he likes going to Sherms
Sunday as we pulled into our parking spot Connor said "Look at the flag, Dad" being more concerned about the various four wheel projectiles being maneuvered all around me. I made a quick response. As we got out of the car again he said "Look, there is the flag". A sweep around with the old enhanced ocular membranes didn't produce anything my brain thought was flag like.
Glancing down I spotted where he was looking, Of course it was the Stars and Stripes nearly directly above us.
"Yes Connor, that is the Flag of the United States of America" I pointed out, always trying to expand his vocabulary with some object to attach the words too.
Connor looked at me and asked "Like pledge of allegiance?"
He got it.


Re-Navy!! said...

omgh thats amazing!! I cant believe it!!! this is why i love this kid so much!! i love watching him grow!!

Re-Navy!! said...

and btw....whay arent i a link on ur list? c'mon LEE!!!! lol j/k

keeka said...

wow, the joys of Connor!
What a great connection! I am having trouble with a little girl in my class who doesn't connect well. When asked, "what do you like the best about school?" she answers, "mommy's taking me to Chuck E Cheese!" I can keep asking the same question and she will come up with non relational answers. It is frustrating, so hearing that Connor makes the connection gives me hope for this little 4 year old!