December 23, 2010

Christmas Heart smiles.

Every so often something happens, a chain of events, the result of which is just a good feeling inside that something is right in the omniverse. I call this feeling a heart smile.

I have never been one for office Christmas. There are just so many aspects that inspire drudgery. The entire Secret Santa crap, for instance...

Before I run off on a tangent rant about Secret Satan.. er Santa.. Allow a rambling digression...

I work in Major Sales in Costco. I love my job. I enjoy the people I work with. I like getting up knowing I will be working there. My cadre of co-workers is Jr., Jessie, Ashley and Chayton. We are all new hires and locals. With the Holiday Season upon us I thought buying Santa Hats would be jolly fun. Unfortunately there are a lot of really crappy ones out there. Then at the local Grocery Outlet they had little chimney stockings. So with a few guilder and some puff paint, sparkles and a loving wife with a creative streak and steady hand, I had some custom socks to hang up at work. I got a sour candy cane, just to make sure they did not think I was going soft.

With some of those 3m hooks I set up the five stockings, one for each member of the team and one for Greg, our manager. I did not make myself one as I thought that seemed a little narcissistic. The stockings where a hit even if they did take a while to get noticed in some cases...

It was fun and I had my little moment.

Imagine my surprise when Ashley came in with matching Christmas ties and a chocolate Orange for each of us. We all wore the ties for the next week. Then Chayton came in with a bag presents with Ferrero Rocher for all of us. Next Jr. had pop-corn tins. Jessica then came in with some mugs filled with fun and useful items (and gum). I was pleasantly surprised by each of my comrades. Is it any wonder I love my job?

It was just so fun, really a Christmas type feeling.. A heart smile.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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