February 06, 2011

Mr. Fix-it

I have had the pleasure to know many handy people. My Pop, for instance, can do anything required to build a building. His mind is a fascinating amalgamation of structural facts and applied engineering. The master bedroom add-on electrical and plumbing would have been much more difficult without him.

My entire family can wield hammer, saw, wrench and screwdriver with the best of them.

Also I have friends like Byron, Steve, Jim, Dave and Steve T. who also have that knack for building and repairing. Due to my access to these folks I have gleaned quite a bit of know-how. Enough to be proficient and to have confidence in what I can, and more importantly cannot, do.

In my department at work. I have emerged as the defacto fix-it guy. Getting all the Televisions running on the loop, making sure the computers are functional from the various members who have tried out there skills.

Yesterday, I opened and one of the first members to seriously look at the laptops wanted to try out a new Toshiba, laptop. This model had come in during my days off and was not set up correctly. Luckily I was able to find that booting with the 9 key pressed allowed you to restore the system. Good tip..

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