June 16, 2011

Tony Weiner exit.

A short time ago I blogged about the NY representative with an attempt at satire in the title.  Today I found he resigned his position.  I would like to state, had I known he would have taken my posting so personally, I would have titled it more straightforward.

Anyways...  I openly commented on his departure and a liberal friend responded that he was being harangued for his actions.  I countered that President Clinton did not forswear his position, with much more grave indiscretions.

Her response was quite telling.  As it was Weiners denial and attempt to blame others that was at the crux of the issue.  Not his pervy indiscretions.   I ponder if he had come out and exclaimed it was, indeed, his own photos sent out to the nubile twitter fans, he would have kept his job, nay, been glorified by the left for his bold honesty...

Should he have resigned?  Yeah, I think so.  But, he should have owned up and resigned from the beginning.  At this point it is just sycophantic toadying.

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