November 17, 2011

Working hard.

I love my job.  It is hard work, early in the AM bike ride.  A five hour physical work out of moving pallets and hand stacking items with a few electronic hook ups and cleaning thrown in for good measure.

Next working with various Costco Members, answering questions on electronics, resolving issues with same.  Occasionally loading up something heavy onto a cart or into a car.  It is a blast.

The managers tend to leave me on my own.  Other then some direction on what new change they want implemented or some new merchandising set up.  For the most part I know what needs to be done or have a list my supervisor has left and I go, go, go.

It turns out that managers really like not having to manage someone...  Further, there is an art to seeing something that needs to be done prior to being told (which makes no sense to my way of thinking).

When you hear someone say, "Don't worry about that, Lee is here"

I love my job.

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flyingvan said...

It strikes me as the shame of all shames that there are so many that want to evenly redistribute the money you've earned instead of trying to evenly distribute your work ethic.