October 31, 2012

Cato putting Man Made Global warming into perspective.


It is clear that any unilateral US policy will have absolutely no detectable effect on the trajectory of planetary warming.  This even applies to the 83% reductions in carbon dioxide emissions that were required in legislation that  passed the House of Representatives in June, 2009.  Further, if these regulations were enacted—and followed—by every nation that has obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, there would still be no detectable effect on global temperature at the half-century scale.  In coming decades, the enormous emissions of China and India will dwarf anything from the US or industrialized western Europe, making our actions climatically nugatory. Fortunately, there is strong evidence throughout this volume that climate change will not be as rapid or of the magnitude forecast by the aggregate computer models used in the USGCRP 
report.  In addition, there is strong evidence for successful adaptation to observed climate change which includes climate change-related profits.  This can be expected to continue as long as our economy is free and not stifled by completely ineffective

Climate change assessments such as the one produced by the  USGCRP suffer from a systematic bias due to  the fact that the experts involved in making the assessment have economic incentives to paint climate change is a dire problem requiring their services, and the services of their university, federal laboratory, or agency.  There is no other explanation for a document that ignored so many scientific references that are included in this Addendum. Assessments serve a very important function for regulators.   The USGCRP report was designed to provide a rationale  to expand regulatory reach, power and cost.   Assessments such as this Addendum are designed to provide a rationale to resist such expansion of reach and regulation.

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