November 23, 2012

Small Project

My house is an older one, 1950's.  So the wiring was designed for a radio and a couple of lights.  Not the massive amount of gadgets you can plug in nowadays.  We also had a scary wall heater.

It was wall mounted with 220 volt oven style heating element, with large mesh that a finger could access.  The mesh would heat up to the point of burning flesh.  As such we disabled them early on.

During the winter our non-central heated house gets rather chili.  Connor has been complaining about the cold in his room, so you know it must be damn cold.  I decided to add a wall outlet using the wiring.

So I took apart the wall heater and surveyed the wiring.  There were two sets of wires.  I called my Pop, who knows more about this stuff then most humans on the planet.  He made a few suggestions and tests.  Sure enough these wires powered this heater then went off to the bathroom.

I had to back trace the wires, change out the breakers and run the white to neutral to power down the voltage.  I also ran a ground wire to the box, so it would be that much better.

Wiring a wall socket then attaching the box to the wall is definitely the way to go!

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