May 11, 2014

Oh Canada....

So now I am immigrated.

Due to a series of events I am now living and working in a different country.  There are many differences and many things the same.  Actually, extricating those things which are alike has brought about several complexities.

Living in the Pacific North West has its own peculiarities. These abide no arbitrary boarder.  Attitudes about weather, driving mountains, vehicle preference and clothing choices all ring true.  The Hunter culture is very similar with a few stark contrasts.

Those joint Canadian and US similarities go much deeper then language and entertainment.  The USA provides the bulk of the worlds entertainment. With quite a dip in the UK and Canadian talent pool.

Then you get the differences and even prejudices as well. I have been "called out" as an American because of my rather strong accent.  Of all the experiences, that has to be among the more uncomfortable.  I would much rather be noticed as an individual in a group then outside of one.

I find the food choices to be fun and interesting.  I will hit up the Triple O for a lunch or Donair etc. Poutine is always on the menu and where have you ever seen a pierogi restaurant?

So I am learning to say Zed, and what province Winnipeg is located, how to spell Centre, colour and cheque.  I can curl, ice skate and ski.  Hoping to find a senior rugby and or lacrosse team at some point.

All in all I am liking my adopted country.

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