June 03, 2014

Viva la Canada!

When you go to a foreign land, you expect there to be stark differences, which enhance the experience.  When my wife and I first travelled up north I noted the different grocery items and the colourful monies.  As we were at the Expo, there was no real chance to interact with Canadians doing Canadian things.

We came up to visit relatives for many years, I got a small taste here and there, but very limited as we mostly kept to ourselves and to the more touristy spots.  So it seemed to be an extension of the Pacific Northwest culture.

Now that I have fully immersed I keep finding more contrasts and more nuance in language then before. One of the best things is the politics.  No one up here is a member of a party, they do not register like they do in the states.  This seems to move the discussion from the US Good and Evil, to the arena of ideas.  Also, the government is more sensibly local then in the US. Most provinces do not want federal poking their nose in their business.  So Canadians are more interested in ideas instead of vilification, unless your in the Media...

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