September 16, 2014

Can we just drop the whole man made global warming nonsense now?

I went out searching an old, old posting of a discussion I had about Global Warming.

As the blog-site and posting is no longer available, even via the various caching sites, I can only paraphrase.

A deal was made that I would admit fully to how wrong I was about the earth temperature being directly and drastically affected by mankind.  When the arctic was nearly ice free during the year 2014.

My counterpart, who should appear in the comments, if he is a man of his word, would denounce Man made global warming and admit the weather system of the earth is much more complex.

While there are still a few months left and in that time the arctic may, somehow, melt.  The probability is slim and none.  Seeing as records are being set for the amount of ice.

So this posting will stand for a bit to see who decides to eat crow.

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Bob Keller said...

Lee, I'm working on a major post on Global Warming or "Climate Change" right now that I hope to have on my website soon.

THe bottom line is essentially that significant numbers of real scientists (perhaps actually a majority) DO NOT think that global warming is remotely "settled science" no matter how often Al Gore or Leo DeCaprio claim otherwise.

It is time to get politics out of science and let real scientists do their work.

By the way, a good scientist friend of mine assures me that he, you and I be meany decades gone from this planet before scientists will actually know if global warming is occurring. THe current samples are just too small and too close together in years to draw any meaningful conclusions.