February 12, 2007

Answers to belows post

In order:

Austin Powers in Goldmember: Nigel Powers (Michael Cain).

Yellow Submarine: John, George and Ringo.

Kill Bill 2: Beatrice Kiddo (the bride).

Zoolander: Derik Zoolander (Ben Stiller).

My Favorite Year: Alan Swan (Peter O'Toole).

The Matrix Revolutions: Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving).

El Dorado: Cole Thornton (John Wayne), Alan Bourdillion Traherne 'Mississippi' (James Cann).

Silverado: Emmet (Scott Glenn), Auggie (some kid actor).

Duck Soup: Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx)


- Rob said...

I felt bad that I did so poorly on knowing those quotes. Now that you have published the list I know why -- I've only seen 5 of those movies! I have some "classics" now that I need to go get.

Lee said...

I think Andrew would be interested in Duck Soup.

Tina said...

"That Hansel is so hot right now."

Diana said that to Renee when Owen Wilson came on screen during "Night at the Museum." Renee almost choked on her soda.

Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson are pretty funny together, in that movie, and Zoolander.


- Rob said...

Since you asked, here are the movies on your list that I have NOT seen:

- Yellow Submarine
- Kill Bill 2
- El Dorado (knowing my dad, can you believe it?)
- Duck Soup