October 28, 2007

80's music and my kids.

I have an eclectic musical taste. It encompasses classical, crooning, big band, folk, country, western, rock, novelty, punk and various other sub-genre. Most modern classic and improv jazz leaves me cold. As does disco. I grew up during the polyester disco craze and was so glad when the Sex Pistols and the Ramones came onto the music sceen. (KROQ!).

My largest bunching of songs I like hail from the 80's. Over the top music with some Raw edges and a good amount of Camp. Fun stuff, fun bands, good times associated with them.

At any rate, Quite a few teens around here have embraced some of the more popular 80's bands and with my collection my kids are no different. They know the Beatles, Sinatra and Boomtown Rats among others.

Connor, however is a different sort of kid. He loves music. Certain songs he will latch onto and repeat. He is adept at searching Google Video and watching Looney Toons.

Somehow someplace he got an 80's band video onto his most watched list. The Pet Shop Boys is one of the more successful English bands from the 80's and the song "Oppertunities" has been played and played since it first aired. Not exactly what you would expect a nine year old to be listening too.

I cant help but smile sitting in the next room hearing him belt out the dulcet tones.

Here is the video:

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