October 26, 2007

oooh disaster! lets make it a politica! item!

Rush Limbaugh has been calling the 'traditional' news outlets the "drive-by media".

More and more I am agreeing with his assessment. Take something going on right now that directly affects me. The So Cal fires, not because I used to live down there, rather that I have many good friends down there.

The news down there isnt quite enough to fill the pages? We have to have sound bites about man made Global warming being to blame. Comparisons between Qualcomm stadium evacuation and the Superdome.

The water drop planes not being allowed to fly in unsafe wind conditions without fire spotters being a headline as well.

And of it all the fact that they think us so gullible is the topper.

The brave men and women fighting the fire have made great strides in getting and keeping the fire contained and they have saved lives and property again and again.

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flyingvan said...

Hey Lee

I was on the one copter that flew the entire time of the fire. We lined up many air resources but CalFire kept coming up with reasons we couldn't use them....Now the Calfire Chief claims it wasn't flyable weather, but we were never grounded. The beaurocracy that a State fire department brings is crazy.