May 16, 2011

Be Productive

The other day, a co-worker brought up that the phrase, "Be Productive" had become a buzz word. One that is tossed about by management with no definition.

That, in turn, reminded me of a co-worker from years past who's attitude was, "If they want me to show initiative they have to pay me more".  This really is a head scratcher, "We are not going to be of greater value, unless you pay us that value first".  When you consider that there is a job to be done and managers want the job done well and efficiently.  They should be rewarding those who are meet expectation and promoting those who exceed expectation.

Someone who is productive will be given a task, they will look for ways to do the task better, quicker, smarter.  The task will be finished and they will be ready for the next task given.  They will also be proactive when they spot a task that needs doing.

Employers are taking a chance on any given worker. The resume, application, interview process is a way to minimize risk.  Most people are not happy when they spend too much on something or when something of value is lost, stolen or destroyed.  You can see why a manager will be relieved when they hire someone who is productive.

On the other hand, if you have an employee who has shown to be productive, there could be a tendency to leave them in that job.  The worker is attempting to show greater value and in turn wants the opportunity to receive greater value.

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