May 09, 2011


The mantra I hear from teachers about the failings of our academic institutions is "Blame the Parents."  Closely  following this is the request for more monies to 'fix' the problems.

I have two kids make it through Public education with one moving through the same. I ponder how such a simple notions of, blame the parent and more cash will fix this can hold water.

As far as cash goes, I would love to see the fiscals for federal level, state level and local level.  In my way of thinking a yearly check sent to the principal of each school saying "Pay for everything this year with this, save the rest for emergency" would flood the coffers.  Is that as simplistic? Dunno.  It's only a random thought.

Also, if Parents are to blame for the failings.  Why do home schooled kids do so well?  I mean that is usually the parents providing education, right?

How do private schools do so much better with less funding?  Of course they can pick and choose students.  Of course they can pick and choose students.  Taking that into account, they still outperform.

I see the blame more put on the Administration at the Fed and State level and the Unions.

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