August 07, 2011

Book stores

So Borders Books is closing down their storefronts.  It is a sad time to their remaining customers and those who sat inside, reading books and never purchasing.  

I recall an outcry from the populace when the big book stores started displacing the mom and pop stores of yesteryear.  There was even a Tom Hanks movie about this very issue.  They had a sales model that did not keep up with the times.  You can read many analysts reasons for the giant going under.

My mind goes to the "whats next" arena.  Amazon and other online stores are starting to find governments interference causing a change in the way they do business.  E-readers are taking a toll from the printed page as well. 

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flyingvan said...

Yet we keep building multi-million dollar libraries as temples to johnny-com-lately politicians, when an online book repository would serve just as well.
Government will mess with Amazon for the same reason people rob banks---that's where the money is.